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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Halloween Queen

To some she is a witch, to others an angel but to all The Halloween Queen. She wears a crown with a jack o lantern center, swarvoski crystals on either side. Here dress is a shimmering black lace made from the finest black widow spider in all the land. When the Halloween Queen arrives the Hallow's Eve ball has officially started!
Available tonight on ebay at 8 pm central time :o) There is also a buy it now option on her for us impatient peeps ;o) More pictures too!! She's one of those that is so much more fabulous in person! xo Michele

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I'm not sure what happened to Monday. I think it skipped me.Or I guess it could have been the post its. Either way, I never saw it.

I did however manage to get a few things done! I've been very productive here in my little dungeon..er...studio. I managed to get a new steampunk scarecrow done which you can wear as a pin or a necklace! Love her! She will be on ebay tonight And then I finally got a few fused glass pendants done! I listed both on ebay already today, with a buy it now feature. Actually even the scarecrow has a buy it now feature. As a buyer I always look for that. It's not because I don't want to duke it out with another ebayer and possibly get a great deal. It's because, I'm impatient. Pure and simple. Why wait a week when I can get it today? I mean when they come out with the transporter that hooks to your computer so that as soon as I buy something on ebay ZAP it transports into my house, I will be a happy camper. Just don't buy anything really really big

Okay I think I got off topic a bit here...so the fused glass pendants...

Candy corn moon. I love the artglass that I fused into the pendant as the moon. Looks like candy corn to me! I also added a few swarovski crystals for the twinkling stars :o)
Then this little soulful looking gypsy, her crystal ball is dichroic glass that has tiny silver stars in it...hard to see from this picture I think. Glass is the hardest thing to photograph!

I also have a Halloween queeny witch, but a girl can't show it all at once! I'll post her tomorrow. Have a great night everyone! xo Michele

Friday, September 25, 2009

Another Treasury!

Wooo Hooo! I received an email from Readesign of etsy that she had included my little french steampunk bee in her treasury! I couldn't for the life of me remember how I did that smaller screen shot before! THis is all I could manange tonight (remember the headless chicken gig?)Here's the link if anyone has a chance to check out all the BEE-u-tiful steampunk bees that were included! Yeah yeah I am feeling corny actually LOL!
Hope everyone is having a fan-tab-u-lous weekend! xo Michele

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Eco-Inspiration Ave Challenge

The wonderful group I belong to Inspiration Ave has a weekly challenge, based on a word or theme from one of our creative members. Each week has been something fun and challenging. I've been slacking (head hangs in shame). I really wasn't sure what the rules were, and this is what I've looked like lately. A chicken running around without it's head!
Anyway this week I decided to man-up or woman-up as the case may be and try to get it together! So the word for this week is Eco from our lovely Luthien.

When I think of the word eco I think of reuse or recycle. Since with my steampunk jewelry I always try to recyle or reuse things I thought my artwork fits right in :o) Here's a new witch that I'm listing on ebay tonight. She has both recyled vintage and new parts.

Take the time to take a peek at what all the other artists think the word eco means to them. The challenge is open to all artists with a blog, you do not have to belong to our group to join in the fun! The deadline is Sunday at 5 pm Est. Here is the link again to our blog Inspiration Avenue. xo Michele

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Aviator is available on ebay tonight at 8pm central time! Sorry I can't stay and chat, have to let little man use the computer for his homework! xo Michel e

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Steampunk Spider Princess

Spider Princess will be available on ebay tonight. Don'tcha just love her little skull crown?? lol! Don't worry to be ruler of the land of spiders she doesn't have to grow up and marry a spiderman...LOL sorry couldn't resist! She can rule the whole spider kingdom by herself and with 4 of her legs tied behind her back ;o) Although she wouldn't mind that Johnny Depp spider moving into her web! Have a great night everyone! xo Michele

Monday, September 21, 2009

Halloween Witch

There's a wicked wicked storm moving through and I don't want to chance the computer so this is really short!!! New Halloween witchy poo available on ebay tonight at 8 pm central time:

xo Michele

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Queen Of Hearts & JOL Cat

If you read this blog you know I adore (okay maybe there is a stronger word there like LUST) Johnny Depp and am a huge Tim Burton fan, so I'm counting down the days Burton's version of Alice in Wonderland! In the meantime here is my version of a steampunk Queen of Hearts:

She goes on ebay Thursday night with a buy it now option. She's another one that I don't want to let go, but, sigh, I must.

I also made a new Halloween piece that is a little kitty cat dressed up in her Jack O Lantern trick or treat costume, all ready for trick or treating!Isn't she too cute? I put a little black rhinestone for her nose lol. She's available on ebay tonight at 8 pm central time and again with a buy it now. The skelly girl sold last night quickly with the buy it now, so I'm guessing everyone likes the buy it nows on there ;o)

Have a great night everyone! xo Michele

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Any Skeletons In Your Closet?

If not you should have!! Everyone who's anyone fun has some skelly's in their closet!! Here's a peek at mine:
She's available on Ebay tonight at 8 pm central time. From her waist down she moves...doing the shake and shimmy while you wear her LOL. Have a great night everyone! xo Michele

Monday, September 14, 2009

Leaf Fairy

Mixed media leaf fairy pendant :o) Available on ebay or in my etsy shop . I'm feeling so tried still and not very chatty today. Hopefully things pick up soon on ebay or etsy...we are heading into the holiday season here! I'm getting tired of ebay and all their changes and charges! Too much work for too little reward! Yup cranky pants will now say goodnight lol! xo Michele

Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Charming Exchange

Really cool book by Ruth Rae and Kelly Snelling. Check out their site A Charming Exchange . October is national breast cancer awareness month and they will be auctioning off the jewelry with all the proceeds going to benefit breast cancer awareness! Fabulous jewelry and a wonderful cause-great combination!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thank You Luthien! & New Witchy Poo

My dearest Luthien has awarded me the Premio Meme Award. Luthien's blog is Pimp and Paint and is not only beautiful to see but also very inspiring with all of her beautiful artwork! Here is a pictures of her newest passion (er addiction)...polymer clay:
I was so sad I didn't win this pendant in her 100th post giveaway!

Okay so for those of you who are not familiar with the award I need to name 7 things you might not know about me, and then give the award to 7 people :o) soooooo.....

1. (okay so this is hard because I'm always rambling and if you follow the blog you know more than you ever wanted to about me anyway LOL!)....Hmmmm.....takes drink of Coke Zero...does that count? hmmm...well no not really, I think that's kinda a stupid answer. Tapping finger on forehead..think think...OH! I know! I love Halloween! It's my favorite holiday! I know I'm suppose to say Christmas, but there's something about Halloween that is sooooo fun! the decorations, the dressing up, the candy, the kids in a parade, I just love it all! which by the way, I did another witch piece for ebay auction link tonight.

2.Okay number 2.....I've recently become a wine-o LOL. and I discovered that I'm not a wine sipper, I'm a wine gulper!!

3. Right now I'm reading a Nora Roberts book! I can't believe it myself!!! Never never thought I would do it! LOL but I have to admit it's good ;o) I have a stack of books next to my bed and if I get half way down the stack I start to panic and it's time to go to the book store! You can never never run out of books to read of really bad things happen...I'm not sure what they are, because I've never run out!!

4. I used to be a visual merchandiser

5. I cut the grass and am very picky about it!

6. I hate math (look the answers are getting shorter LOL)

7. I am very thankful for all of you that are my online friends for your thoughts, support, comments, and smiles that you give to me. Thank you, each and every one of you! xoxo

Okay the 7 I give this award to are:
1. Barbe Saint John who if you don't know her does incredible mixed media jewelry!
2. Brandi Milne omg she does the most fabulous paintings!! Totally my cup of tea!
3. Val Zoero Art who has recently become addicted to jewelry!!
4. Enchanted Revelry Love his blog! Never ceases to entertain me!!
5. Ginny Baker my dear friend who does amazing things with polymer clay
6. Mystele a fabulous mixed media artist and inspriring blog!
7.Kingofmicestudios GORGEOUS halloween goodies!!
8. Okay just one more!! Michael Demeng if you don't know who he is check out his blog and book! Fabulous mixed media artist!

I hope you all have some time to check out these blogs they are really some fabulous eye candy!! Have a great night! xo Michele

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Steampunk Video

I uploaded this to You Tube tonight, thought I would share it here also :o) Hope you enjoy it! xo Michele

Missouri Botanical Garden & More Halloween!

Hope everyone here in the States had a wonderful Holiday weekend :o) Summer has officially come to an end to me when it becomes Labor Day weekend. Sigh. Most of the weekend we spent being lazy which is what you should do on Labor Day weekend right?? LOL. But yesterday we did go down to the Missouri Botanical Garden (those of you that plan to come through for the wineries make sure you go to the botanical garden!). I won't bore you with all the history but the Garden started as the country estate of Henry Shaw who then donated it after his death. This weekend there was a Japanese Festival going on, which I didn't know till we got there! I wish we had went earlier. There were all kinds of vendors there. I bought a beautiful purse that is made from modern kimono fabric. There were so many it took me forever to choose! There were tee shirts, Japanese candy, soda pop, Anime, bonsai trees, pottery, food...you name it and it was probably there! There were shows, like Japanese puppertry (Bunraku), Summer Festival Dancing (Bon Odori), Kimono Fachion Show, Martial arts, Sumo...the list just goes on and on. You could have spent the whole weekend! I didn't take that many pictures of the Japanese festival part, mainly just of the gardens. I didn't forget the camera this time!! Okay so hubby reminded me lol!Here's just a few of the pics:
A tiny part of one of the gardens that is close to Mr. Shaw's country estate home.
I loved the texture on these leaves. I think Mother Nature does such a great job of texture, & color! The leaves look like they are rusting to me.
This is part of the Japanese garden that is there. Gorgeous. I so wish this was my back yard!!

These are really cool glass sculptures that are floating in a lily pond. The Gardens are filled with artwork, both contempory and antique. There is an angel that I thought I took a picture of (can't find it yet) from the Worlds Fair here in St. Louis.

and then here's me an hubby squinting into the sun and taking a pic of ourselves LOL! The perfect end to a perfect weekend.

I didn't list anything on ebay yesterday, really I forgot it was even Monday LOL which is a nice change of pace for me! But I do have a new piece that will be listed tonight on ebay. More Halloween :O))

More Halloween coming soon!!!!! Muuuuaaaahhhh!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My First Witch of The Season!!

Okay those that know me, know that I just can't WAIT for Halloween!!! I keep looking at the calender..is it time yet? how about now? You think it's too early yet?? LOL! I should just do Halloween all year it would make me a very happy camper!! So without any further yapping, here is my first witch of the season, complete with jet black swarovski crystal elements for hair!

Oh and check out the "moon" she's flying in front of..the vintage enameled watch face is by a watch company named New England!! How perfect is that????!!! She goes on ebay tomorrow night (thurs) for 7 days.
The other pendant that is going up tonight is another one of my all time favorites! It doesn't get much more frenchy paris looking than her!

Her skirt is filled with pearls, rhinestones, and enameled flowers. Only 5 days to bid on her! She goes on ebay tonight at 8 pm central time along with the angel from last nights post (I'm actually ahead of myself for once LOL. I'm not even sure how that feels!). There's lots more pics on ebay of both also :o) Have a great night everyone! xo

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New Art & A Giveaway!

Okay so its not my giveaway LOL...although I do need to do one here soon! I've go so many things going on right now though I need to wait till a few things settle!! Okay first the give a way!!! Because it's a gorgeous giveaway and I just know you would be so upset if you missed out on this!!! It's on my friend Luthien's blog and she is giving away the most gorgeous pendant that she made! You can have up to three chances to win so go check it out!


Next is a little more eye candy! Two new pendants! I did something new and have been adding the swarovski crystals to their heads for their hair. I really like it! I've also been aging the metals more and love the grunge effect! The seahorse goes on ebay tonight at 8 pm central and the angel goes on ebay Wednesday at 8 pm central time. Ebay is changing the shipping rules again and we are going to have to charge for insurance...so sometime before Sept 22 I have to end the free shipping. Sorry folks. I'm not sure what ebay is wanting to accomplish this time. We are no longer allowed to offer insurance as optional and we have to include it in shipping and handling. Anyway...lets think about that tomorrow....today...

Have a great rest of the night everyone!! xo Michele