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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Steampunk Queen Doll

Those of you that have followed this blog for a long time, know that I paint and sculpt as well as the mixed media jewelry. For some time now I've had a story rattling around in my head, and I've decided to portray it in sculpted dolls and paintings (and maybe some jewelry).

The story is of a far away land where a steampunk princess ruled her kingdom with creativity and kindness, but a soul sucker invaded her kingdom feeding off the souls, and letting loose his shoulds and regretts. Enslaving the people and holding the princess prisoner in his tower, the castle of corporation. (those of you who know I took on a full time job in December of last year know where this is coming from...and I'm sure some can relate...)

This first doll is Steampunk princess and her capture. She has already given her leg to the corporation but of course they want her arm too! Her leg is now a skeleton key. The doll is 6" tall and she sits or you can hang her from her silver chain from her back. She tips forward a bit if not hung against a wall but I didn't want the chain coming from the top of her head. Her eye has been enhanced with clock parts and of course no princess would be complete without her crown. Her handcuffs are removable. Her arms and legs move. Her clothes are sewn on her. She is hand sculpted out of paperclay by me. Her eyes are glass that I painted with glass paints, low fired and then sealed.

I'm going to list her on my etsy page. Let me know what you all think!! I love hearing comments! xo Michele

Monday, November 1, 2010

Stephanie Murphy Mosiac

I thought you all might like to see the masterpiece that Stephanie Murphy created with mosaics. Her work is breath taking! She used a piece of my artwork, the little deer on the left hand side and I'm honored! Gorgeous work!!