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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

In The Pink!

I'm not sure what's gotten into me but I've really become a pink kinda girl! First we have the Scorpion girl. The minute I spotted the pin I fell in love with it! Not sure if it's vintage or not. I bought it at a flea market. The pink plastic pendant the is the base I believe is a reproduction. The rhinestones at the top are vintage ;o)

Then is Bee French! I have had the enameled pocket watch face for some time waiting for the perfect thing to go with it. I love love love this face! It has such a delicate pale blue and pink with gold trim. Tiny gold stars between each number. Did I mention how much I love that face?? LOL. Very french looking to me! I added some pink swarovski crystals to the face because I've decided that a girl can never have too much pink or too many crystals! Then the base is another flea market find also in beautiful pink and blue. Then the vintage bee body and my handpainted glass face :o)

So there you have it, my pink side ;o)) Both are available on ebay tonight :o)

Thanks to everyone who noticed the new look on the blog :o)) I was going to post about it and then...well all that negative stuff got in the way :oP So if you look up to the top left of the blog there is a link for the graphic designer who created the page and she has lots of other blog designs that she gives away and also she has digital scrapbooking that she sells. She's wonderfully talented!! Beautiful work! If you get a chance stop in and check out her work!

Thanks also to everyone who left a comment about the nastiness. You're support is wonderful! Have a great night everyone! xo Michele

Monday, June 29, 2009

Imitation is Flattery???

Well hopefully someone noticed that I didn't blog tonight when I normally do. I've been wrestling with something all day and didn't blog about it first thing because I wanted to give myself time to cool off first. I'm sure you can tell by the title that I received emails from people telling me that a certain person has started copying my jewelry. I followed the links and sure enough it's as close as you can get since they are vintage materials that I use. I emailed her and of course this began a back and forth discussion (I'm using that term loosly here) about what exactly a copy is. How since I painted on glass then I must have copied off of the first person that painted on glass. Ah, but to me this is not the same thing. I'm not saying that because she put vintage items together that she is copying me. I'm saying that because she painted a face on a small piece of glass and then put it together exactly like mine. All us painters paint angels, witches, mermaids, etc.. that is not a copy. It is when you purposely try to make yours look exactly like the other persons. And I'm not talking inspiration here. Because I think there is another fine line where someone can be inspired by another artist. I obviously have been inspired by mixed media jewelry artists...but I purchased their books so that as an artist they are making money from their designs! Even though my designs are not like any of theirs they have inspired me at some point. Beth Piver is the first artists that really inspired me in this area, along with Susan Lenart Kazmer. You can see the influence of them both I think in my work. But the key word is influence. My dad has always told me imitation is the best form of flattery. But why doesn't it feel that way?? Where do we draw the line and write in our descriptions, inspired by (fill in the artists name). I've noticed that the polymer clay group seems much better at this where artists like Christi Friesen are concerned. Pc artists put in their descriptions design inspired by Christi Friensen. Her how to books ask you to please state this when using her designs because copyright laws state that you must make three changes to not be considered a copyright infringement. I don't want to play art police. I want to inspire people. I want to encourage them. I want them to find their creative wings and soar! I want them to find their own creativity. So that they can soar and I think that is the key. If you are always imitating and not doing what is in your own heart can you really ever soar?

It's late and I never intended to go off on a rant about this stuff. Because it's just too much negative energy for me and I really like to keep things very positive. Anyone who can bring this much negativity into my life is certainly not worthy. What I had really wanted to blog about is my mimosa tree! I love love this tree and when it blooms I think they look like pink flamingo eyelashes LOL! Here's a pic of one of the blooms!

Here's hoping tomorrow is a better day! Good night everyone! xo Michele
PS: yes I did list two new items on ebay LOL ;o) check them out if you get a chance!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Leopard & Phoenix

Okay I broke out of the b's...tonight it's a leopard and phoenix ;o) I've had the leopard for some time now..I finally felt she was right on that back ground. Then the phoenix was a special find from antiquing this weekend! Both go live on ebay at 8 pm central time tonight:

On a sad note I've heard that Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson have both died today. How sad. Both were huge icon's of my younger years. Makes me feel like the late 70's early 80's just died for good.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bat & Beetle

I think I'm on the b's LOL...yesterday was bulldog and bee, and today is bat and beetle LOL!! weird, huh? I love love love this bat!!! I am soooo tempted to keep her! I hope whoever wins her loves to pieces! I should have put little fangs on her lol! Both go on ebay tonight at 8 pm central :o) thanks for looking! xo Michele

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bulldog & Bee

More pendants that were inspired from my recent finds! On ebay tonight at 8 pm central! xo Michele

Monday, June 22, 2009

Hot hot hot!!!

Okay first I complained about the non stop rain but really did we have to go straight into blinding heat??? The heat index is like 105 here and will be that way all week. I think I'm going to melt lol!

I listed two new pendants on ebay tonight. I was lucky enough to attend a really nice flea market and found some fabulous vintage pins that you will see in the up coming weeks! I'm very excited about them! First up this week is a beautiful enameled rooster pendant and a gorgeous dragonfly! More pics on ebay! xo Michele

Friday, June 19, 2009

Okay here are the two 5 day auctions that I promised! The go live on ebay tonight at 8 pm central time and end on wednesday! Have a fabulous weekend everyone!! xo Michele

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Boy the days are just flying by! I can't seem to catch up to save my life here! But I'm spending them the way they should be spent ;o) when I'm not working I'm at the pool with my son ;o) Hopefully it will be a summer memory for him. I sure remember my summers at the public pool! My best friend from high school and I spent every day of the summer at the pool just hanging out and it was right behind her house so we could walk there. Lots of memories there ;o)

Here's the art for tonight on ebay. Also look for more tomorrow night as 5 day auctions because I didn't get a chance to get the auctions listed last night ;o)

The Angel Heart reminds me of a fluffy sugar topped cupcake that is a yummy delight lol...I don't know what it is?? Maybe I'm hungry LOL! Have a great night everyone! xo Michele

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Available on ebay tonight at 8 pm central time. xo Michele

Monday, June 15, 2009

Hope everyone had a good weekend! I cleaned the entire weekend! Sheesh my house was dirty! But I would rather create than clean any day so sometimes I am like Scarlett O'Hara "I'll think about that tomorrow!" and I create instead of cleaning ;o) So now everything but one room is all nice and sparkly! Oh and as a reward we went and saw Star Trek (Yay! Luthien it was still here!!!) I LOVED it!!! But as a kid I watched the old Star Trek enterprise lol so it was so cool to see it all get set up for how they meet! So thank you Luthien for that push to go see it!! So fun!

Tonight's auctions are a ladybug pendant and another gypsy :o) They will be live on ebay at 8 pm central time! Enjoy! xo Michele

Thursday, June 11, 2009

One Of THOSE days!

I'm having one of those days were no matter what I seem to try to fix I only make it worse. Ever have one of those days? sheesh. Even down to where I went to get my youngest an airsoft gun that he's been wanting for his good report card. This was no simple feat since my foot lol. Just driving to the mall was not easy...but we make it, I hobble in, it's priced higher than it was on the internet, so I have to find someone. Surprisingly, this goes simple because it rings up at the lower price. So then the sky is black as can be and I just know it's going to down pour which of course I can not run to the car. But again, we make it there before it rains...yippee!! But guess what? No car keys. I damn near dump my purse out looking for them. Nope. No car keys. Back to the mall I hobble. Little man is running ahead of me looking for them trying to find them. We end up back at Borders which we had stopped at first, the girl has to call the guy who was ringing there before because she remembers him saying he found some keys! Yeah! Found the keys!!! Hobble back to the car and make it home before it downpours!! I settle down to get some work done again and guess what??? Little man brings me the airsoft gun..it doesn't work!!!! I don't believe it. I read every single word in the directions but he's right, it's broke!!!!! So guess where I'm about to hobble back to??? You got it, the mall. But before I do that I thought I'd drop in here and show you what I'm listing on ebay tonight!

The liberty I wanted to do something that you could wear for the 4th of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day or any day that you were wearing Red or Blue! I figured the Statue Of Liberty fit that bill!!The Queen Bee ring would look adorable paired with one of the queen bee necklaces or by itself! Have a great night everyone! xo Michele

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Well I've discovered from Luthien that I really need to go see Startrek if it's still here in theaters this weekend! Sheesh! I really wanted to go see it when it came out but no hubby and the little man talked me into seeing Wolverine. Which was okay but I would have rather seen Startrek. I was so addicted to the Next Generation back in the day lol. So since I can't do much more than hobble we will probably go to dinner and to a movie for our date night this weekend ;o) I'm really itching to go to some antique malls, flea markets, etc...so this foot had better heal soon! Oh and the pool!!! Today it didn't rain for ONCE and it's so hot and humid...perfect pool day!! Sigh. I've decided that we are going Friday if it doesn't rain. I can lay in a chair and read lol.

Okay so now for the artsy fartsy stuff. Big surprise, 2 new pendants lol. Love the fairy one....when I saw the metal base with what looks like vines wrapped all around it I thought it looked like perfect fairy-ness! The secret garden one was inspired by the little metal heart with the words secret garden stamped in it. I've had the tiny vintage crystal lock pin for some time, just waiting for the perfect place to put it. I love it with the secret garden theme! Both go on ebay tonight...same bat time, same bat channel (okay I'm dating myself now...that is from Batman when it was on tv when I was a kid after school). 8 pm central time! click here for the auctions and to see a lot more pics: EBAY

Have a great night everyone! I'm off to make dinner on one foot....you should try it some time LOL! xo Michele

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I know my blog posts have been so short and to the point. I've been running around like a chicken without a head! Or in my case without a foot lol. Friday I had my foot operated on...nothing serious but now it looks like I have two bullet wounds in my foot lol. Walking is still difficult but I'm getting there. So my day friday was not so fun filled lol, but I still managed to go out to dinner before I got home to take a Darvoset lol. Then Saturday I was able to go to a friends birthday party since it was at the clubhouse of their sub and that way I could sit down and celebrate ;o) Sunday I leaned on the cart and hobbled through the grocery store reading off the list to hubby on what to get off the shelves. I was exhausted by the time we were done and then I thought why didn't I get into one of those electric cart things??? LOL. Could have been fun, right?? Other than that the only news here is rain. Rain, rain, and more rain. It's time to build the ark. I'm really getting sick of it! So anyway that's my news I've been trying to make it by everyone's blog to see what they've been up to! Two more auctions are going live tonight on ebayThe lizzard is so cool in person I hope it comes through in the photos! The little bird is fantastic as well! enjoy! xo Michele

Monday, June 8, 2009

Friday, June 5, 2009

Byrum Spirital Award

Thank you so much Micki for the Byrum Spirital Award! You are such a doll! I appreciate it very much and thank you for the compliment on the angels I paint. I would like to pass this award on to these three wonderful artists:
and a new artist that I just discovered that is fabulous: Vania Cruiz-Perez who does the most gorgeous dolls
Have a great weekend everyone! xo Michele

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mermaid & Hummingbird

Tonights ebay auctions are a mermaid that is a full necklace...she was so fun to make, I had a ball adding all the little charms to her! and then the hummingbird, I so love how she came out with the little vintage body and all the crystals! They both start at 8 pm central time. I'm off to dinner with my family..wooo hooo everyone actually eating dinner together! Have a great night every one! xo Michele

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Better Late Than Never...Right??

Sheesh, I'm really running behind! I try to get the pics up for what is going up that night on ebay BEFORE it goes on lol so that those of you who come to the blog get the inside scoop! LOL well I have about 10 minutes before they go live on ebay LOL! I'm feeling way better!! Yippee!!! It's back to raining, raining and raining blah. Hoping the sun will shine tomorrow!!! Lemme know what you all think of the new jewelry...I think most of the painting people gave up on the paintings ;o) xo Michele

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Meeting Friends!

Today was one of the coolest days ever! Ginny Baker who is a wonderful clay artist and I have been online friends for at least 12 years maybe more like 14, anyway we had NEVER met and today we DID!! It was so much fun!! And it was so wild because it wasn't weird to me or anything...you know like we had never met in person...it didn't feel that way at all. It felt like I was with my friend Ginny who I have talked with everyday for years and years! Anyway, just wanted to share with everyone what a wonderful time we had having lunch together! The only bummer thing about the day was I forgot my camera!! Can you believe that??? Sheesh! Her blog is on this page but she just moved so she doesn't have any of her beautiful clay pins or figurines on ebay right now.

Here are the two new pendants I have for ebay tonight! The dragonfly one I got really carried away with the jewels...can a girl or er dragonfly have to many jewels?? I don't think so! LOL! The other is a little black cat witch and she comes with a chain ;o)

Have a great night everyone!! xo Michele

Monday, June 1, 2009


Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! For ONCE I didn't work all weekend! On Sunday I packed everyone up and headed to the pool where we either swam or did absolutely nothing! Ah, pure bliss! I think the pool might have to become a Sunday tradition! Today was my youngest last day of elementary school. wow. That is a hard one for me to grasp lol. He'll be a middle schooler next year but now they are back to the bottom of hierarchy at school lol.
I have two things for ebay tonight, a gypsy pendant that not only has the little glass face that I paint but it also has a piece of silver dichroic glass that I fused! She's really cool!

Then I also made a queen ring, which has been in my head for a bit and just hadn't taken the time to make her. I LOVE how she came out!!

With the kids out of school it will feel like the official beginning of summer!! Oh and thanks to everyone for their well wishes! I feel a tiny bit better...okay I'm stretching it LOL I still feel crappy! Have a great night everyone! xo Michele