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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Boy the days are just flying by! I can't seem to catch up to save my life here! But I'm spending them the way they should be spent ;o) when I'm not working I'm at the pool with my son ;o) Hopefully it will be a summer memory for him. I sure remember my summers at the public pool! My best friend from high school and I spent every day of the summer at the pool just hanging out and it was right behind her house so we could walk there. Lots of memories there ;o)

Here's the art for tonight on ebay. Also look for more tomorrow night as 5 day auctions because I didn't get a chance to get the auctions listed last night ;o)

The Angel Heart reminds me of a fluffy sugar topped cupcake that is a yummy delight lol...I don't know what it is?? Maybe I'm hungry LOL! Have a great night everyone! xo Michele


luthien said...

ooo... but you are making so many things, that's why time flies for you :)) but it's all worth it when you look at the things you've done at the end of it all :)) beautiful and intricate work (as always!) hmmm... but i am missin' your paintings! :))

Michele Lynch Art said...

LOL on missing the paintings Luthien!! I'm really in the zone here lol and have found my niche with the jewelry I've been doing ;o))) I'll paint again, no worries ;o) xo