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Friday, June 5, 2009

Byrum Spirital Award

Thank you so much Micki for the Byrum Spirital Award! You are such a doll! I appreciate it very much and thank you for the compliment on the angels I paint. I would like to pass this award on to these three wonderful artists:
and a new artist that I just discovered that is fabulous: Vania Cruiz-Perez who does the most gorgeous dolls
Have a great weekend everyone! xo Michele


bludawgdesigns said...

OMG, Michele, thank you so much for the award and congratulations to you as well! You are a wonderful artist and you are so deserving of this award. I'm really loving all your latest pendants, and obviously, so do your fans. They just keep getting better! Congratulations again!

Hugs, Debbie ;)

Michele Lynch Art said...

Thank you Debbie! You're pendants are so wonderful and you are very deserving of the award! I love them keep up the great work! xo Michele

Fantasy Whispers - Vania Cruz-Perez said...

Hi Michele!! WOW!! Thank you so much for the award!

Love your art!! It's so unique with your own style....just love it :)


Michele Lynch Art said...

Thank you so much Vania! Finding that unique style that is all your own is the hardest part isn't it? Your witches are gorgeous!! xo Michele