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Monday, June 22, 2009

Hot hot hot!!!

Okay first I complained about the non stop rain but really did we have to go straight into blinding heat??? The heat index is like 105 here and will be that way all week. I think I'm going to melt lol!

I listed two new pendants on ebay tonight. I was lucky enough to attend a really nice flea market and found some fabulous vintage pins that you will see in the up coming weeks! I'm very excited about them! First up this week is a beautiful enameled rooster pendant and a gorgeous dragonfly! More pics on ebay! xo Michele


luthien said...

OMG!!! a dragonfly! i made dragonfly art too !!! man... talk about coincidence ... i've been seeing so many dragonflies since painting them. your's really cool! (mayb i'm bias... hihihi)

and yea! it's hot ... all over the world ... elnino effect i think.

Michele Lynch Art said...

Oooooo I gotta go check out your dragonfly!! Bet it's fabulous like all the art you do!

Is that what's making it so dang hot??? sheesh!