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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

In The Pink!

I'm not sure what's gotten into me but I've really become a pink kinda girl! First we have the Scorpion girl. The minute I spotted the pin I fell in love with it! Not sure if it's vintage or not. I bought it at a flea market. The pink plastic pendant the is the base I believe is a reproduction. The rhinestones at the top are vintage ;o)

Then is Bee French! I have had the enameled pocket watch face for some time waiting for the perfect thing to go with it. I love love love this face! It has such a delicate pale blue and pink with gold trim. Tiny gold stars between each number. Did I mention how much I love that face?? LOL. Very french looking to me! I added some pink swarovski crystals to the face because I've decided that a girl can never have too much pink or too many crystals! Then the base is another flea market find also in beautiful pink and blue. Then the vintage bee body and my handpainted glass face :o)

So there you have it, my pink side ;o)) Both are available on ebay tonight :o)

Thanks to everyone who noticed the new look on the blog :o)) I was going to post about it and then...well all that negative stuff got in the way :oP So if you look up to the top left of the blog there is a link for the graphic designer who created the page and she has lots of other blog designs that she gives away and also she has digital scrapbooking that she sells. She's wonderfully talented!! Beautiful work! If you get a chance stop in and check out her work!

Thanks also to everyone who left a comment about the nastiness. You're support is wonderful! Have a great night everyone! xo Michele


luthien said...

OMG!! they are gorgeous!! the love the first one :)) looks like you're inspired by that pink tree you posted about in your last post :) this pendant sure looks a lot like the flowers on that tree :))

Vania said...

You have an amazing imagination, no doubt about that, your jewellery creations are lovely - love the pink very much myself, I am a pink/bronw kind of artist, all my artwork is mostly in those two shades, cheers Val

Michele Lynch Art said...

Luthien you are so right when I was posting this last night I thought you know the mimosa tree's pink blooms and this jewelry are related! I guess even when we don't realize it we are inspired by nature! Thank you for the compliments Luthien and Vania! You both do such wonderful artwork!! Funny how we get set into working with certain shades, isn't Vania? I did that more when I was painting. It's like you need to work through that color lol.

luthien said...

yea... i agree ... i'm stuck with blues and greens and everything in those tones. and my new printer doesn't print them like my old one ARGHHHHH!!! i get so worked up when my blues are wrong! you know what, i must try to use other colors! HELP!!!

and i just discovered another thing about your pendants... these 2 really make a statement. you are usually more subtle :) i think it's unconsciously influenced by that c***cat. you are stamping your authority here girl! and i like it! oh yea!

Georgina said...


Just lovely. I'm not a bling sort of gal, but I sure wouldn't mind wearing your bling...beautiful!! And thanks for the suggestion about getting dehumidifier...might be hard to find one out here, since most of the time we need a humidifier! LOL But I'm sure someone has one somewhere...will look, because I'm really getting frustrated.

Pease Porridge said...

Oh, these are sooo pretty! I love the pink! Maybe your Mimosa is the inspiration. Sorry to hear about your stress. That can't be fun, but I am sure your creations are better in every way.


Vania said...

LOL so true Michele, I have realised, by looking at my etsy shop, that my whole page is pinky brown - I think I am stuck on these colours (for now) - even though I have a rainbow of colours to choose from, these two always end up on my canvases - cheers Val xo

Michele Lynch Art said...

ouch, that's not good when the new printer doesn't print like the old one and you like the old one better lol! LOL Luthien you are right I am not being quiet as subtle as I normally am...very in your face lol. Thank you Georgina! The dehumidifier helped me out a ton when I used to do ceramics and would have to wait for the greenware to dry! I so love paperclay! Haven't done any in about a year I think! Thank you Jennifer! Well your artwork is wonderful Val so the pink and brown are working for you girl!