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Friday, February 25, 2011

Old Work & Birthdays

Most of you know I did or do jewelry but did you know I did paper mache folk art before that? Here are some pieces that I still have :o) Flower Fran is dated Feb 2004 and Party Kitty is also from 2004. Kinda fun to look back, right? I keep these pieces in my studio as reminders. I also have some of the first painted glass pendants I did (shudder!), and a few pieces of the ceramics I've done. There's a pop art painting that I did hanging in my hall downstairs, and two abstracts that I did in my foyer...Do you all keep any of your artwork?

I spent the day doing something that ranks right up there with computer stuff...housework :oP Yuk. I would rather gouge out my eye with a fork. I love a clean house, but I don't like being the clean house maker! Not my gig. I'm cleaning because tomorrow is my birthday ;o) (I'm 21 again, why do you ask?) and so that means people are coming over...why though does that mean work for me?? Then you know you clean for them to come over and then you just have to clean again when they leave. Sigh. There must be something to this madness! I get to where I dread holidays and birthdays because they are so much work...OMG I've turned into my mother!! That is exactly what she used to say and I would say she was a stick in the mud!! On the eve of my 46th b-day I have officially turned into my mother!! Well maybe that's not such a bad thing, she was a wise woman ;o)

Have a great weekend everyone whatever you do! Happy Birthday to my dear Luthien who shares the same birthday as my youngest Son on Sunday!! My son will turn 13 on Sunday, and I have no idea how that happened! One day he was a terrible two and the next he's an intelligent, sweet, funny young man. I'm going to try and post on Sunday, but I'll be honest Saturday night we are going out to a bar and I'm not sure the shape I'll be in on Sunday. Georgina, I'm gonna party like a rock star!! xo Michele

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Emily-Wall Hanging Steampunk Soul and Website HELL!

Okay first off let me intro Emily and then I'll tell you about my personal website HELL experience ;o)

Meet Emily, she’s a bit taller and older than the other Steampunk Souls so they all tend to look up to her. She really doesn’t want all the responsibility. Emily longs for the days she could read books, write in her journal and play with her dolls.

She’s 12″ tall x 3 wide x 2″ deep and hangs on the wall. Her eye is a vintage watch piece, her arm a vintage skeleton key and watch gear, On her chest is a vintage Swiss watch movement. Her foot is a sewing machine part.  The little button on her collar is the wind up mechanism of a vintage pocket watch. Her hat is made up of an old watch part tin, and a light bulb. She’s available in my etsy shop

Warning, this is where my rant starts! 
Now, lemme tell you about hell...it's not a great place to be and for me it starts with....let me just re do my website because it's so outdated...I'm sure some of you saw me post that naive little sentence...so I go to the place that hosts my site and I see wordpress! Great! I think to myself, this should be fairly easy. Riiiiight!! I am not a techie person, I know enough html to make me very dangerous! So I build the pages okay, it's slow moving and each tiny thing can take me an hour to do! The pages are kinda bland and boring but that's okay at least I can edit them and maybe someday I'll learn some fancy stuff. So then I come to the blog, and obviously wordpress is actually a blog building program. So I begin checking into everything and find this plugin that will import my blogger blog. Well silly me thinks this means everything (does anyone else ever expect alot and get let down all the time?? sheesh!)! First it takes me HOURS and I mean hours to get this plugin to work and I jump out of my chair screaming I DID IT!! WOOO HOOO! Only then I'm looking at it and I HATE IT! I can no longer see your beautiful faces! I don't have my favorite blogs, I can't see what you've posted, the list goes on and on! So now I don't sleep on Monday night. I've spent all day working on the website and that means a good 12+ hours (LOL I know you can't tell from the site!) and I don't feel like I've done the right thing :o( I write to Ginny. I write to Luthien. Someone HELP lol...no one knows wordpress :o( I forgot to mention when I did the plugin to import blogger to wordpress you have to use a standard template and it wiped out my old template and everything I had built here on this blog. Yeah I was having an OH S%$# moment again. So I think all day yesterday (tues) I can do this I can make it work. Then I get a comment on my blog! YEAH!! I think it's one of you...NO, it's a comment from escort call girl milano I SWEAR to you, that's what it says!! Okay well fine, even call girls need to look at art, right? Then today I get a comment from some guy wanting me to buy his steroids..THAT'S IT! I'm done! I came back over to blogger and by some miracle don't ask me how because I really don't know I restored my blog!! I was clicking this and that and figuring I had nothing left to loose at that point and all of a sudden there it was!! The only thing I had lost was a few of the text colors!! WOOOO HOOO! I then spent hours and hours trying to redirect my website blog page to blogger, which from what I understand they strip the code, but that's working now too as far as I know :o)) So WOOO HOOO I think I've clawed my way out of hell!! It only took me three days LOL! So if any of you would like to take a look at the website and you have any suggestions I would love to hear them :o) I'm keeping my blogger blog :o) I just like it to much :o) www.michelelynchart.com   I'm going to try to catch up on all of your posts that I missed the last several days!
End of my rant!
xo Michele

Monday, February 21, 2011

More Halloween

Okay so this weekend I did everything and anything to avoid that website. Sigh. Which is why it's so outdated! But I do have 3 new pieces that I will be adding to etsy shop today ;o) and another one that's still drying that's a wall hanging. I was still in Halloween mode as you can see lol. Hope everyone else had a productive or fun weekend! xo Michele

Friday, February 18, 2011

Halloween Art

I know it's not Halloween, but I seem to be in that mood all the time! Meet Freddy, the pumpkin man. He got that name because I thought he looked like Freddy Krouger from Nightmare on Elm Street while I was sculpting him. lol. He has a found earring for his leaves, 15 jewel watch piece for his eye and an vintage enameled watch face on his tummy. He is available in my Etsy shop click here to visit my etsy shop

Time Keeper Grim Reaper ( I love that it rhyms LOL how corney is that?!) may be taken, I'm not sure yet. He is even more detailed than the Times Up Grim Reaper. Lots and lots of vintage watch parts on his robe and for his eye. I loved adding the zipper detail and will be adding more of that in the future :o) His scythe is removable and is a vintage skeleton key, vintage pocket watch piece and epoxy. He's sculpted over a wire and epoxy armature. His hands are epoxy, the rest is paper clay.

Hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather for a change, just seeing the sunshine makes my heart happy! Have a great weekend everyone! I plan on trying to update my website. Lord help me. If you see a computer flying past you, pay no attention, I just chucked it through the window ;o) xo Michele

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Wooo Hooo! I'm so happy to say that I'm now offering prints of the Steampunk Dolls in my Etsy Store Click Here ! I bought an awesome Epson R1900 printer, a while back and have put off making the prints. I'm not a techie kinda person so for me this was hell lol. But I have 7 of them done now--YIPEE!! Now at some point I need to tackle my very outdated website...

I also want to thank everyone who stopped by Spooky Time Jingles! My first month there has a been an awesome experience! THANK YOU!!

Have a great night everyone! xo Michele

Monday, February 14, 2011

George The Bone Boy & Happy Valentines Day!

Meet George the bone boy. George loves to blow thing up, or he did. Momma told George not to play with those red sticks the Soul Sucker gave him, but George didn't listen. Now George plays in the graveyard with his stick of dynamite and wonders why the other kids can't see him?

Pardon the interruption in our regularly scheduled program, but...

Before I talk to much more about George, to all you artists out there have you ever sculpted (or painted or whatever) yourself into a corner? That's what happened with George. I knew how I wanted him to look and I got him all sculpted but his arms and everything came to screeching halt! George wasn't happy. He didn't want a bird on his arm, he doesn't even like feathers. So round and round we went. And this is how George looked:

George and I just could not agree on anything. At that point, I was calling him no arm boy lol. Finally George told me his story, and I said, why didn't you tell me that in the first place?? LOL

Okay back to our regularly scheduled program...

He's completely hand sculpted, over an armature. Hand painted, and sealed. He is 6 1/2" tall, by 5" wide, by 2" deep. He has vintage watch parts for his right eye, and one on his forhead, you can still see the tiny rubies. His hat has some kind of vintage propeller thing, and on his chest are two found vintage items. The one thing says Record and Detach, T7306, Hurd. His feet are found bolts, There is a tiny skull at his collar. The tombstone is also sculpted out of paper clay, painted and sealed. I added a bit of moss to it. The tombstone is included with him. He is available in my Etsy shop click here  :o)

Happy Valentines Day everyone!! Hope it's spent with people you love, lots of chocolate and wine ;o) xo Michele

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sam the Steampunk Snowman Spooky Time Jingles Update!

Meet Sam the Steampunk Snowman (say that 10 times fast!)  is not a sweet snowman, in fact he's kinda creepy! Sam looks how I feel about the snow right now! I am sooo done with it! Sam is 8" tall and his is exclusive to Spooky Time Jingels! Along with Harvy the bunny boy :o) Tonight at midnight, Spooky Time Jingles also launches their Easter hootenanny!

If you have never been to the site before, there are a ton of very talented artists on there, come check it out!
www.spookytimejingles.com I've also added a link in my side bar with the STJ logo :o)

Hope everyone is enjoying a little warmer weather, I can finally see part of my sidewalk! LOL who ever thought I'd be excited about that?? xo Michele

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Harvy and a surprise

Meet Harvy, an Easter Bunny, Soul Sucker style :o) He's 5" tall sitting. And here's the next surprise, he'll be available on Spooky Time Jingles! Yup, I have been accepted to join the fabulous group of artists there! I'll post links soon!

 Here's a new steampunk angel necklace that I just finished, I listed her on my etsy page. Have a great night everyone! xo Michele

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Inspired Remnants, Curious Dreams Book

I recently purchased this art book from Kerin Gale, I haven't been buying many art books. If you are like me you have shelves and shelves full of books! And I have to say that anymore I don't see anything that really sparks my interest or anything that I think I will learn anything new from. BUT when I saw this book Inspired Remnants, Curious Dreams mixed-media projects in epoxy clay I was excited! I use Aves Apoxie Sculpt in my mixed media but I had never found anyone else who used it! I will say I was still wondering if I should spend my hard earned money on the book, but the photo on the cover really really drew me in. I loved it! So I ordered the book through Kerin on etsy, and she is delightful! I received my copy quickly in the mail and she even signed it with my name :o) I anxiously sat down and started skimming through the book and I have to say I LOVE the book :o) It has tons of eye candy, lots of good projects that gets your inspiration going, gallery photos from artists I admire (I was thrilled to see Liz McGrath in there! LOVE her!), step by step photos are clear, Kerin is a natural teacher and a fabulous artist. If you've been looking for a new art book and if you've never tried epoxy clay this is the book for you!! You can order it on Amazon or directly through Kerin Gale on etsy HERE . Let me know if any of you order the book I would love to hear what you think!

Also I need to give a couple of shout outs to some wonderful people on etsy that have included my dolls in their treasuries!

The first goes to FuzzHeadStudios who included not one of my dolls but two! Thank you!!

'HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!' by FuzzHeadStudio

Love is in the air! Share some wacky delight with the one you love!!FABULOUS art dolls!


Miss. Grim Reaper

Arleen - Plush Mons...

Steampunk Mechanica...

Steampunk Mixed Med...

The elephant Salomo...

Warm and Fuzzy Wolf...

OOAK Collectible Em...

Steampunk Mixed Med...

Handmade grungy mon...

Miss Sidney the mon...

Drag Queen doll

OOAK Horror Gothic ...

Straight From Your ...

Ghoul in a Cat Suit...

Grumpy (soft blue)
The second shout out goes to Dollen! Thank you!!

'Dollen: Stunning Handmade Creatures' by KalliopeAmorphous

"Once upon a timeThrough a door just down the hallIn a dark, forgotten cornerOf the playroom was a doll.She was only made of cloth,A rather simple work of art,But you could see where someoneHad embroidered her a heart."-Unknown

Steampunk Souls Pap...

Forlorn Dolls - Wan...

Porcelain doll from...

Twin doll

Alice in Wonderland...

The king. Bell doll...

Ellen (Essie) Carpe...


Afuowlakotalala - a...

Gloria, a unique ar...

OOAK doll bjd Hujoo...

Apple Tree

ZOEE BUG--- Contemp...

Granuaile's Dan...

Justine-Art Doll

Art Doll Bust PINK ...

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Times Up Skelly Grim Reaper

Time's Up Grim Reaper :o) He's 8 1/2" tall, sporting lots and lots of steampunk parts inside his robe. He scythe is made up of a vintage skeleton key and vintage watch part. He's available in my Etsy shop. 
I also finished those pendants. I have a h&%$ of a time with them! First off I sealed them with a gloss and now I'm not sure I like the gloss as much. Then I couldn't get the photographed to save my soul from the Grim Reaper up there! Here they are though:

I know they are kinda hard to see, the details are so tiny. But I'm over taking any more pics tonight LOL! I'm going to put them in my etsy shop also :o)

Oh and one more thing! I was checking my blog stats and noticed a large amount of traffic coming from this site, so I clicked it and imagine my surprise that there was a nice article about my dolls! Thank you Brian Rowe from The Steampunk Workshop! Here's the link if you would like to see it:
It made my day yesterday!! Have a great night everyone! xo Michele