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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Times Up Skelly Grim Reaper

Time's Up Grim Reaper :o) He's 8 1/2" tall, sporting lots and lots of steampunk parts inside his robe. He scythe is made up of a vintage skeleton key and vintage watch part. He's available in my Etsy shop. 
I also finished those pendants. I have a h&%$ of a time with them! First off I sealed them with a gloss and now I'm not sure I like the gloss as much. Then I couldn't get the photographed to save my soul from the Grim Reaper up there! Here they are though:

I know they are kinda hard to see, the details are so tiny. But I'm over taking any more pics tonight LOL! I'm going to put them in my etsy shop also :o)

Oh and one more thing! I was checking my blog stats and noticed a large amount of traffic coming from this site, so I clicked it and imagine my surprise that there was a nice article about my dolls! Thank you Brian Rowe from The Steampunk Workshop! Here's the link if you would like to see it:
It made my day yesterday!! Have a great night everyone! xo Michele


Pease Porridge said...

Ooooo, cool and very scary. I like him. I also love your new jewels. I will have to go check out that link.

messinastudio said...

He is AMAZING! I might have to talk my husband into getting it for me as an early birthday present :X Really really nice..I love the bottom of the robe and the face is amazing. <3

Michele Lynch Art said...

Thank you!! You guys are the best :o)) xo Michele

Micki Wilde said...

WOW, he's all kinds of awesome!! you really are rocking these characters!!

Micki x

Dawn in the Forest said...

Michele, this one is one of your coolest....so awesome!I loved all the pieces on him and his face has so much character. He will be finding a new home fast:)

Michele Lynch Art said...

Thank you Dawn and Micki! xo Michele

Kelly Jeanette said...

Well, isn't he a scary sight! And your new jewelry rocks.
Just chect out that sight. Nice article. Glad it brought more visitors for you (and maybe more sales).
Have you ever been in Art Dolls?

Thanks for the nice comment on my new abstracts.
Have a great weekend!

Michele Lynch Art said...

Thank you Kelly!! Art Dolls? Magazine? or a website? It's snowing here AGAIN, blah! Hope it's dry where you are! Have a nice weekend too! xo Michele

Astridbears said...

very cool, dear Michele!!
have a wonderful weekend

Michele Lynch Art said...

Thank you Astrid! xo Michele

Daydream Retreat said...

Just droppin' in to say thanks for following my blog! I look forward to seeing more of your awesome work

Mealy Monster Land said...


Luthien said...

OMSTARS!!!the grim reaper looks scary marry!!! awesomely cool!!