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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Emily-Wall Hanging Steampunk Soul and Website HELL!

Okay first off let me intro Emily and then I'll tell you about my personal website HELL experience ;o)

Meet Emily, she’s a bit taller and older than the other Steampunk Souls so they all tend to look up to her. She really doesn’t want all the responsibility. Emily longs for the days she could read books, write in her journal and play with her dolls.

She’s 12″ tall x 3 wide x 2″ deep and hangs on the wall. Her eye is a vintage watch piece, her arm a vintage skeleton key and watch gear, On her chest is a vintage Swiss watch movement. Her foot is a sewing machine part.  The little button on her collar is the wind up mechanism of a vintage pocket watch. Her hat is made up of an old watch part tin, and a light bulb. She’s available in my etsy shop

Warning, this is where my rant starts! 
Now, lemme tell you about hell...it's not a great place to be and for me it starts with....let me just re do my website because it's so outdated...I'm sure some of you saw me post that naive little sentence...so I go to the place that hosts my site and I see wordpress! Great! I think to myself, this should be fairly easy. Riiiiight!! I am not a techie person, I know enough html to make me very dangerous! So I build the pages okay, it's slow moving and each tiny thing can take me an hour to do! The pages are kinda bland and boring but that's okay at least I can edit them and maybe someday I'll learn some fancy stuff. So then I come to the blog, and obviously wordpress is actually a blog building program. So I begin checking into everything and find this plugin that will import my blogger blog. Well silly me thinks this means everything (does anyone else ever expect alot and get let down all the time?? sheesh!)! First it takes me HOURS and I mean hours to get this plugin to work and I jump out of my chair screaming I DID IT!! WOOO HOOO! Only then I'm looking at it and I HATE IT! I can no longer see your beautiful faces! I don't have my favorite blogs, I can't see what you've posted, the list goes on and on! So now I don't sleep on Monday night. I've spent all day working on the website and that means a good 12+ hours (LOL I know you can't tell from the site!) and I don't feel like I've done the right thing :o( I write to Ginny. I write to Luthien. Someone HELP lol...no one knows wordpress :o( I forgot to mention when I did the plugin to import blogger to wordpress you have to use a standard template and it wiped out my old template and everything I had built here on this blog. Yeah I was having an OH S%$# moment again. So I think all day yesterday (tues) I can do this I can make it work. Then I get a comment on my blog! YEAH!! I think it's one of you...NO, it's a comment from escort call girl milano I SWEAR to you, that's what it says!! Okay well fine, even call girls need to look at art, right? Then today I get a comment from some guy wanting me to buy his steroids..THAT'S IT! I'm done! I came back over to blogger and by some miracle don't ask me how because I really don't know I restored my blog!! I was clicking this and that and figuring I had nothing left to loose at that point and all of a sudden there it was!! The only thing I had lost was a few of the text colors!! WOOOO HOOO! I then spent hours and hours trying to redirect my website blog page to blogger, which from what I understand they strip the code, but that's working now too as far as I know :o)) So WOOO HOOO I think I've clawed my way out of hell!! It only took me three days LOL! So if any of you would like to take a look at the website and you have any suggestions I would love to hear them :o) I'm keeping my blogger blog :o) I just like it to much :o) www.michelelynchart.com   I'm going to try to catch up on all of your posts that I missed the last several days!
End of my rant!
xo Michele


Amber Leilani said...

i don't know anything about html (or even how you learn to use it, but i just re did my blog and the exact same thing happened - i hit the wrong key at the wrong time and it wiped my lovely, old template. i finally got it back, but it took hours to rebuild everything. it was infuriating, to say the least, so i cannot imagine what you've gone through with your website.
i love your wall doll!! i just started making some to hang on the wall myself, but yours is waaaay cooler!!

Michele Lynch Art said...

I agree Amber, about it all being infuriating! I'm surprised I have hair left LOL! At one point I considered throwing the computer out the window LOL! Oh don't sell yourself short! Your dolls are lovely! xo Michele

TinaE said...

Wow Michele, I totally feel for you. I have designed whole websites before, but the whole experience seems like torture for me! I actually start sweating whenever I have to do any computer work like that. I'm lucky I can resize a picture without an anxiety attack. I'm glad you got it worked out, but I must admit I'm glad you kept this blog. I love the look of it, and I love how easy blogger is to work with! Oh and Hi I"m Tina btw and I love your work!

Moriah Betterly said...

I have to redo my website too and I am NOT looking forward to it! Every time I do it I want to cry by the end of it all. Just designing my blog was enough to give me some gray hairs! I keep swearing that I'm going to take a webdesign class or something but I never do.

I LOVE THIS DOLL! So much so that I just plucked it out of your Etsy store! I can't wait until she arrives!

Michele Lynch Art said...

Hi Tina! It's great to meet you! Yes I've been putting off the redo for years now LOL because it's such a pain! But I wanted to do it so that I could edit it myself if I ever get around to that LOL. I love blogger too! If blogger would get email (my email is associated with my domain) I would switch it all over here right now! Sigh. Maybe someday. Thank you so much for stopping by! xo Michele

Michele Lynch Art said...

Moriah!! Thank you for purchasing Emily!! I've got her all packaged up and she's on her way to you in the morning :o) You are a wonderful artist! I hope she measures up ;o)

Believe me I know what you mean about the website. UG! I have put it off for years and I just cringed everytime someone went to my site because it was so outdated! It's not all that glamorous now LOL but it will do. I tried talking my older boy into going into web design LOL, but he was on to me ;o)

Thank you again! xo Michele

Micki Wilde said...

I too am useless at all the techie stuff, I know some basic html, enough to get me around blogger.
I used to have a website with mrsite.com they were pretty easy to run and had a good help forum support too!!
I'm just thankful for my tech savvy hubby, without him i wouldn't even be able to run my computer ;)

Micki x

Michele Lynch Art said...

LOL Micki! I totally understand, maybe you could rent him out?? LOL!! I'm sure a lot of us artists would like that ;o) xo Michele

Dawn in the Forest said...

Michele, I like your wall hanging idea. Emily is wonderful, I see that she's already found a new home:)

Michele Lynch Art said...

Thank you Dawn :o) She was a lot of fun to make! xo Michele

Georgina said...

Michele, you crack me up!! You poor baby, and here I thought I was in cheerleading hell...wait, I was, but your hell is all too familiar. I recall a quote from the novel, "An American Quilt," where one of the old friends asks the young writer why she doesn't use a computer, after seeing her carrying an old typewriter case into the house. The young woman exclaims, "They lose things!" And, boy do they ever!!!

Get some much needed rest...get your arse back into that studio and make more cool dolls...the computer can just wait and as for your buds, we're not going anywhere!! Hang in there, my friend!!


Michele Lynch Art said...

LOL Georgina you WERE in cheerleading hell!! We both should have just had some of your delicious cooking and some tequila and called it a week! Oh GREAT quote and so true!!

LMAO on getting back into the studio! I know I'm dying to!! Today I cleaned part of my house. Sigh. I HATE housework as much as I hate computer stuff! xo Michele

Luthien said...

send you army of soul suckers to wordpress!!! awwwww.... my poor poor fren ... i'm so sorry i couldn't help you at all with wordpress.. but you did it! you restored everything and website is looking good :) a few more sessions of work and i think it will be perfect! i dare say once you've got the hang of it ... tweeking webpages can be addictive :) dun say i didn't warn you :) you'll be an expert in no time!

Michele Lynch Art said...

LOL Luthien!! I should!! Well you tried to help and you would have it you could have, I know that! I dunno if I will ever get addicted to doing a webpage!! What do you think I need to add to the site? Email me and let me know and I'll try to find out how to do it ;o) xo Michele

Pease Porridge said...

Emily is BEAUTIFUL! I love her! Oh man, I feel your pain.

Michele Lynch Art said...

Thank you! xo Michele

bludawgdesigns said...

Congrats on "clawing your way out" Michele! I'm so sorry though for all the trouble you went through. Unfortunately, we've probably all been there at one time or another, lol. I'm going to go check out your site!


Michele Lynch Art said...

Thanks so much Deb :o)) Yeah I think there is a need for an artist geek person that we can all share LOL! xo Michele

Julie-ann F Bowden said...

Michele, what an ordeal you've been through, sheer frustration overload!
I have an account over on this site and odnw' know how to work it properly so gave up. To complicated.
Blogspot is so much easier, thew!
I'm so pleased you managed to save every thing!
Here's to you and your smooth ride from here on!

Michele Lynch Art said...

Thanks Julie! Have a great weekend! xo Michele

Moriah Betterly said...

Michele!!! She's here and I LOVE LOVE LOVE her to pieces! She has pride of place on my studio wall. Thanks so much!