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Friday, October 4, 2013

Show Schedule

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. I certainly have good intentions to come back and do a blog post but things get crazy and it's easy to pop on facebook catch up with what everyone is doing, and show a quick photo of what I've been up to! Too easy, lol. But I thought I would post here some of what has kept me so busy this summer and let everyone know the the schedules of where my art will be through the end of December.
First, here are a couple of  photos of a class I taught at All Dolls Are Art in Austin, Texas:
I loved Austin! Great funky city, with wonderful restaurants! I had an avocado Margarita at Curra's Grill for the first time there, and have to say it was amazing!
Another place we went to in Austin, was Foreign & Domestic, where I had goat for the first time! It was actually wonderful the way it was prepared! 

 We took some side trips to San Antonio, which was another wonderful city! Riverwalk is amazing!

After San Antonio, we stopped at Comfort, Texas which is a small historical town that has lots of shops and antique stores. There I met Jan at Hearts Cottage and fell in love with her Halloween room!
Jan, is good people. If you are in the area, you need to drop by this shop! After talking with her for a while, we decided that I would send some of my Halloween artwork to her annual Halloween show in September. She turns the whole shop into Halloween! I wish I had been there for the event! Here are a few of the pieces I sent and I'm happy to say every piece sold but Mr. & Mrs. Frankie. 
Now on to the shows coming up!

October 11th-
Stranger Factory's Bewitching III Show
109 Carllsle Blvd NE
Albuquerque New Mexico

Tasty Gallery's Enchanted Show
7513 Greenwood Ave N
Seattle WA 98103

November 1st-
Alexia Gallery Grand Opening
St. Louis Missouri

November 8th-
Tasty Gallery's Animal Kingdom
7513 Greenwood Ave N
Seattle WA 98103

November 21st-
Pop Gallery's Where the Wild Things Are
142 Lincoln Ave
Santa Fe New Mexico 87501

Tasty gallery has a great show that has all art under $100

Here are a few sneak peeks at some of the pieces for these shows: 

So if you've hung in here through this long post, you're all caught up with what's been going on with me!
What's been going on with you?