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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Well I've discovered from Luthien that I really need to go see Startrek if it's still here in theaters this weekend! Sheesh! I really wanted to go see it when it came out but no hubby and the little man talked me into seeing Wolverine. Which was okay but I would have rather seen Startrek. I was so addicted to the Next Generation back in the day lol. So since I can't do much more than hobble we will probably go to dinner and to a movie for our date night this weekend ;o) I'm really itching to go to some antique malls, flea markets, etc...so this foot had better heal soon! Oh and the pool!!! Today it didn't rain for ONCE and it's so hot and humid...perfect pool day!! Sigh. I've decided that we are going Friday if it doesn't rain. I can lay in a chair and read lol.

Okay so now for the artsy fartsy stuff. Big surprise, 2 new pendants lol. Love the fairy one....when I saw the metal base with what looks like vines wrapped all around it I thought it looked like perfect fairy-ness! The secret garden one was inspired by the little metal heart with the words secret garden stamped in it. I've had the tiny vintage crystal lock pin for some time, just waiting for the perfect place to put it. I love it with the secret garden theme! Both go on ebay tonight...same bat time, same bat channel (okay I'm dating myself now...that is from Batman when it was on tv when I was a kid after school). 8 pm central time! click here for the auctions and to see a lot more pics: EBAY

Have a great night everyone! I'm off to make dinner on one foot....you should try it some time LOL! xo Michele


luthien said...

oooo... the vine piece is really pretty!! perfect backdrop for the faerie :))

lol! GO TREK! live long and prosper!

Lydia said...

Satr Trek was great!!!

Michele Lynch Art said...

Thanks Luthien! Okay another vote for Star Trek! Thanks Lydia!! I hope it's still playing here!!