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Thursday, October 6, 2011


Meet Catherine, she tries to make sure all the little steampunk souls, get plenty to eat and go to bed on time. She loves to tell them bedtime stories from a time long ago.

Catherine is 10 1/2" tall x 3 x 3 and has lots of vintage parts on her. She's another of my favorites ;o) She's made of paper clay.

She's also about to take the journey to New Mexico to the POP Gallery :o)) xo Michele


Georgina said...

OMG, you're going to the Pop Gallery...love that place!! Well, congrats to you and Catherine!!

Haven't been around much...still trying to get back my groove, but am enjoying going around and visiting my ol' buds.

Love da woik and again, congrats on the Pop!!


Wax Beach Artist said...

Another fantastic creation!

Michele Lynch Art said...

Thank you!! Georgina, you'll have to go scope out my artwork there lol, since I can't go yet ;o) I'll have about 5 pieces there to start with. xo Michele

Kelly Jeanette Swift said...

She a pretty one, Michele! Haven't seen you in a while. Hope Catherine has lots of fun at the Pop.

Michele Lynch Art said...

Hi Kelly! I was just thinking of you yesterday and wondering how you were because I hadn't seen you in awhile! xo Michele