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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Swoon Gallery Show Open

The Swoon Gallery Show is now open! Here's a link to the show if anyone wants to take a peek! http://www.swoongallery.com/michele-lynch/
Have a great weekend everyone! xo Michele

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Solo Swoon Gallery Show!

My solo show at Swoon Gallery opens this Friday, Sept 21! If you want to be on the preview list, email Ally at swoon923@gmail.com

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Journey or Destination?

I was wondering, when you start a painting, doll, whatever your project is, do you plan it out, sketch it out? Or do you work on the fly? I've done both and it seems to depend on the project for me. Some things come to me in my mind completely whole and don't go away until I sculpt/paint them exactly as I see them in my mind. Others come to me in bits and pieces. I see part of it. Like the above painting I just finished, I saw the girl with the alligator on her head, with her umbrella, but I wasn't sure on the background. So how do you work? Do you then wait and let it peculate in your brain until it becomes clear? Do you sketch until you figure it out? I'm curious on how others work. I sketched her out, and still wasn't clear on the background, I thought I wanted vintage pages of text on the background, so I laid that down and sculpted her face and the alligator and sketched out the rest. Nope, that still wasn't it. So I played and along the way, the journey became clear. So by knowing the adventure from start to finish would I have missed the journey? What are your thoughts on how you work? Do you enjoy going straight to the destination or enjoy the journey to your finished artwork? xo Michele

Friday, September 7, 2012

Registration is open!

Registration for classes at Artistic Figures in Cloth and Clay is now open! I'm teaching a one day class on a doll similar to Maddie in the picture, but of course it's all up to you! You bring everything you want to incorporate and together we'll build the doll! You can register for the class here: http://www.cyndysdolls.com/AFIC%202013CntrlInfo.htm
Also I'm teaching a 2 day workshop on building a larger doll, like this one:
You you also register at http://www.cyndysdolls.com/AFIC%202013CntrlInfo.htm The convention looks to be a ton of fun, with a lot of events planned for a fun, doll filled weekend!
Also I'm the artist of the month on their blog, if you would like to read more, you can find that here:
http://www.artisticfiguresincloth.blogspot.com/  I hope to see some of you there in April!! xo Michele

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Etsy Shop Update & Coupon!

Nevermore found her way home from Art Doll Quarterly! I was so excited to see her again! I've added her to my etsy shop, she comes with a complimentary copy of the magazine she appears in.
I've also added some more pendants
My etsy shop is here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/michelelynchart
For this weekend, if you use the coupon code LABORDAY at check out you will get free priority mail shipping, within the US! Have a great weekend, stay safe & dry! xo Michele