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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Soul Suckers-Meet Steampunk Edna

Thank you Kelly for asking about the Soul Sucker story! Made my creative heart jump for joy that someone was waiting to hear about them!! So just for you I decided to go ahead and post the pictures of Edna.

Meet Edna, she was one of the first to be captured by the Soul Sucker and his army of Shoulds and Regrets. Poor Edna, they replaced her body parts with mechanical things so they could feed off of her creativity and power their castle of Corporation. But Edna was smarter than the Shoulds and Regrets that were the gaurds. One night she only pretended to take the pills they handed out to keep the prisioners in a zombie state and then she used her skeleton key arm to unlock the door to her cell and releasing as many prisoners as she could before escaping. Now Edna has made herself a helmet out of watch parts and is joining the rebellion to rid their once kind and creative land from the evil Soul Sucker and his army.

Edna is 6" tall and her helmet is removable. Made with paperclay, watch parts, bolts, paint, and love ;o)

I added some pictures of when she was being created, thought you all might like to see. I always love seeing works in progress :o) There are many more characters coming soon and even a few ornaments :o) I'm going to list them in my etsy shop and possibly ebay. Thanks again Kelly!! xo Michele


PeggyR said...

Edna is definitely differnt, I love her! Your steampunk art is wonderful!

Micki said...

omg I love her, she is awesome!!

Micki x

Kelly Jeanette said...

I love her! She needs to come and free me from the Soul Sucker that I work for. He and his army of work zombies are truly evil. Help me, Edna! lol

Have a very merry Christmas, Michele! Thanks for Edna's story.

luthien said...

omg!! that's too spookily cute!! LOVE edna and she's a brave little one :) BRAVO to edna ... and her maker ;)

michele said...

Thanks everyone! The ornies are almost done, along with Michael another character from the steampunk soul suckers :o)

Amanda Makepeace said...

I LOVE Edna!! You're in the EBSQ Friday Five!

sherrykey said...

Love her. Cute little story...Sherry