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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Another New Piece Celest

Okay this is exactly how I've been feeling lately! Meet Celest...she used to fly over the creative kingdom warning the other steampunk souls of what the Evil Soul Sucker was really up to. That is until the Soul Sucker caught her. He made sure she couldn't tell another soul by surgically zipping her mouth closed, then he broke her halo. Edna and her band of rebels rescued Celest, but not before it was sadly too late. Celest cries tears of blood over not being able to sing her song of warning.

She's completely hand sculpted, out of paper clay, over an armature. She is 10 1/2" tall, by 3" wide, by 3" deep. She has a vintage watch part for her left eye and one on her chest. Her wings are made of a vintage belt buckle. Her neck was some kind of vintage wooden spool or bobbin? One top of her head is a small clear knob (I think it's acrylic but I'm not sure) and her broken halo is from a vintage clock. I painted her in layers, then sealed her with a matte finish.

I've just added her to my etsy shop :o) http://www.etsy.com/listing/66357121/steampunk-souls-paper-mache-art-doll I was able to work on a few more pieces, both skellies for STJ's update that's coming up soon too! Stay tuned for those pics! Have a great night everyone! xo Michele


Micki Wilde said...

Love the mouth!!
My 12 year old son just popped into the room and said "ooh thats scary....but I like it" lol...thats my boy ;o)

Julie-ann Bowden said...

I like the crown jewel on his head, the prince also.
Hope your having an amazing week!
:) Julie

Michele Lynch Art said...

Thank you Micki! LOL both my boys said the same thing ;o) Thanks Julie-ann! xo

Georgina said...

Where have you been, woman??? Then you pop up with this lovely little addition from your already altered brain!! LOL Hey, I'm lovin' her, Michele...just too cute and the story...oey, what are you smokin', I want some??!!

Have a great week and let's read more about your crazy little steampunk world!!


Michele Lynch Art said...

LOL Hi Georgina!! I've been stuck in the Evil Soul Suckers dungeon! It's some good stuff ;o) pure imagination, and it's kinda scary in my head! There's more coming ;o) xoxo

Kelly Jeanette Swift said...

I love her, Michele! Great addition. I have just escaped from the Soul Sucker Dungeon myself. Back to creating for us both!

Michele Lynch Art said...

Wooo Hooo Kelly!!! I'm so happy for you!! xo