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Thursday, September 15, 2011

For all the doll artists out there!

I wanted to show you this wonderful site created by Linda Ehrenfried all about art dolls! There are different categories at the top (I'm in the dark artists. I know it's shocking lol) if you have some time go check out the site, it's full of wonderful artists! Also if you are all doll artist contact Linda Linda@charmcityoriginals.com
with your information and she will list you on the site. Here's the link to the site http://www.ooakartdolls.com/ it's an amazing site!! Be prepared to stay a while and look around!
Hope everyone is having a great week! xo Michele


Georgina said...

Oh my Michele...some of those dolls are amazing...they're more like small sculptures than dolls...wish my polymer and paper clays behaved like that!! LOL

Love your category..lots of talent, including your great dolls. Have a great weekend...hoping to do some catching up to do before Monday when the insanity with my mom begins again!!


Michele Lynch Art said...

Yeah there are some really wonderful art dolls on that site! Hope mom is feeling even better! xo Michele

Thilda said...

Hi Michele! Your non is fabulous,a real goth!
Can you imagine her in church with her watch ticking like a heart beat to give the rhythm to a song... :-)