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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


The air has finally turned chilly and the wind and rain are tearing the beautifully colored leaves from the trees, creating giant mounts of color on the grass. I don't know about anyone else, but I'm not ready for winter! The older I get the more I do not like the cold! No wonder so many retirees move to Florida! I'm there with them!!

I've added some new items to ebay, they are steampunk inspired. As most of you know I love mixed media and steampunk fits right into that! Steampunk is a term used to describe a very trendy and fun style, you can find it on everything from clothes to of course jewelry. It's kinda a mish-mash of victorian meets inventor, industrial, and time travel. Very cool items!

This little steam punk angel started with a face that I painted on glass, she is painted with the same paints I do my full glass pendants with. She's painted and then allowed to cure 24 hours and then low fired again. Each little face is different! The watch parts you see are from a vintage Elgins watch, you can still see 4 of the rubbies if you look close. She has tiny crystals on her halo, and on the bottom of her. Part of the background is filigree that is backed with metal that was cut to fit her. I engraved my name on the back. Also you will notice that she is both a pendant and a brooch, I attached a pin back so you have a choice of how to wear her. She would be stunning with any outfit, I've added a simple silver colored chain (18") or you can replace it with your own. She would also look awesome on a jacket, just remove the chain!

I'm going to try a few on ebay and on etsy to see where they sell the best. Oh and speaking of selling, I've decided to raise the price of my glass pendants on ebay to 24.99. I've wrestled with this for quite some time and it's just time. I want everyone who wants one to be able to afford them but at the same time I have to pay the bills lol. So I think 24.99 fits for both of those ;o) Hope you enjoy the steampunk angel! I'd love to hear what you all think! She's on ebay along with her fairy friend! http://stores.ebay.com/Michele-Lynch-Art

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