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Sunday, February 1, 2009

On The Horizon

I'm listing this wistful folk art girl tonight on ebay she's 20 x 24 on a box canvas. Mixed media- acrylics, charcoal, scrapbook paper. She has such a sad and lonely look on her face. Guess that's how I was feeling last week! I really love how she looks though.

So does everyone has superbowl plans? I'm not a football fan (sorry! give me hockey anyday!) but this is the one day that we go to superbowl parties and it's more about the eating to me than the football lol! Hubby wants the Steelers to win, I kinda want to see Warner get another ring...he's such a kind, giving person. Does so much for the communities.

Anyway, let me know what you all think of the new painting! Have a great day, whatever you do! xo Michele

1 comment:

kimkim said...

ink she is just so sweet and sad,you do amazing work,your colors and blending are wonderful,I love your art!