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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Pendants & Supply Lists

I spent all day yesterday taking my youngest to middle school registration day. I can't even believe he starts middle school this year! We walked the schedule of classes to make sure he could find them all okay and also the dreaded locker combination. Those things are STILL a pain lol. But with a few tries we got it! Then we went to do the supply list shopping. This is something I dread! I love all teachers out there and have immense respect for you and your job...but PLEASE when you tell the entire 6th grade that they have to have purple, red, green, yellow, and blue plastic, 2 pocket folders with NO holes....please please make sure that target or walmart gets the memo! Nothing is more frustrating that running from store to store to store looking for that one obscure yellow folder! I won't even mention some of the other things on the list, but really??? I can always tell the teachers that have kids and the ones that don't lol. Okay well anyway, enough of that. I was too exhausted yesterday to even list anything! But today I have a couple of new pendants for ebay and I'm hoping to update etsy with a few more items this week too so stay tuned ;o)


luthien said...

oh! poor you!! man ... am i going to get all this kinda nonsense soon?? when my kid goes to primary school?? good thing it doesn't take away creativity!! cos your pendants are stunning!! esp the stork ... love what you did with the background :)

Michele Lynch Art said...

Well I guess it varies from school to school Luthien but it seems something that I have always had to deal with, with both my boys (and remember they are 10 years apart!). Every year there seems to be that ONE thing on the list that is hard to find lol. Maybe it's a game, to see if we can find it??? Hmmm...that could be...I like a good hunt! lol! thanks on the pendants!! xo

Micki said...

My son is just about to start high school too and the new uniform list is ridiculous, they have a keycard system for lunches so the kids don't carry money with them so they need lanyards to clip the cards to as well as everything else, it's just crazy! especially as he's only there for 4 years, then it's another uniform again, by which time my daughter will be starting high school and 2 sets of brand new uniform needed *sigh* ;)

Good luck with your hunting!

Micki x

Michele Lynch Art said...

Oh yes Ma'am with the lanyard, I had to buy that too...that was part of spirit wear lol, and a tee shirt and a sweat shirt..sigh. It just goes on and on. and yup he will only be here three years then on to high school where it will all be the same thing all over again :oP xo

Mana Moon Studios said...

Oh your newest creations are SO gorgeous!! No surprise there! ;-)

Yes, where do the years go?? Reading your description took me back to when my youngest started middle school and now he's off to high school this year, WOW!! Had to laugh too at your description of supplies - oh so true!!