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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Thank You!!

Thank you Micki!! I spotted the envelope in the mailbox and thought, could it be from Micki?? I snatched it out and didn't even wait to get inside! I opened it right there! I should have done a really cool video blog about it right??? Heck no, I'm like a kid at Christmas, I just rip it open right there! Loved the red ribbon and the little tag :o))) This is my first blog win too, have I mentioned that??? LOL! I unwrap everything carefully and inside are the most precious postcards with envelopes! Thank you so much Micki! It's so very cool to be able to hold in my hands someones artwork that I have looked at online for a while now :o))) So again thank you, my friend! If you haven't visited Micki's blog, I think you will have a great time there! Here is her link:
The Art Hermit
and here's a picture of me squinting into the sun, holding my treasure :o)) Aren't they wonderful? Thank you!!!!

I have one pendant for ebay tonight, but I think it's pretty special :o) Very french looking and tons of layers :o)

Until tomorrow, xo Michele


Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Congrats on winning and you're so pretty!!
Love the new pendant also! Wonderful!!

Coastal Sisters said...

Oh Michele..this is gorgeous!


Michele Lynch Art said...

Thank you Darla!! Pretty old is more like it LOL!! Thank you Lulu!! xo Michele

luthien said...

OMG!!! finallY!! i can see the artist behind the art!! woohoo!!!!! you're gorgeous!! and the cards are so cute and the pendant is WOW!! so many things to look at and so perfectly weaved together! today's a woohoo day!!!

priti.lisa said...

Michele, I wanted to congradulate you on Inspiration Avenue! Looks like a great team yo be part of.
That flamingo is rockin the joint!

Micki said...

I was just wondering this morning if everyone had got their cards yet, and here you are (looking fantastic I might add) blogging about them.
I'm so pleased you got them safely.


Micki x

Michele Lynch Art said...

what? Luthien you've never seen my mug??? LOL!! I'm on youtube my dear ;o) although they took out the sound I believe. Hmmm...I think the vids are even posted on my blog, but you have to go back pretty far from my painting days ;o) Thank you on the pendants Luthien, Lisa!! and Micki I totally love my postcards! thank you again very much!! xo Michele