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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Missouri Botanical Garden & More Halloween!

Hope everyone here in the States had a wonderful Holiday weekend :o) Summer has officially come to an end to me when it becomes Labor Day weekend. Sigh. Most of the weekend we spent being lazy which is what you should do on Labor Day weekend right?? LOL. But yesterday we did go down to the Missouri Botanical Garden (those of you that plan to come through for the wineries make sure you go to the botanical garden!). I won't bore you with all the history but the Garden started as the country estate of Henry Shaw who then donated it after his death. This weekend there was a Japanese Festival going on, which I didn't know till we got there! I wish we had went earlier. There were all kinds of vendors there. I bought a beautiful purse that is made from modern kimono fabric. There were so many it took me forever to choose! There were tee shirts, Japanese candy, soda pop, Anime, bonsai trees, pottery, food...you name it and it was probably there! There were shows, like Japanese puppertry (Bunraku), Summer Festival Dancing (Bon Odori), Kimono Fachion Show, Martial arts, Sumo...the list just goes on and on. You could have spent the whole weekend! I didn't take that many pictures of the Japanese festival part, mainly just of the gardens. I didn't forget the camera this time!! Okay so hubby reminded me lol!Here's just a few of the pics:
A tiny part of one of the gardens that is close to Mr. Shaw's country estate home.
I loved the texture on these leaves. I think Mother Nature does such a great job of texture, & color! The leaves look like they are rusting to me.
This is part of the Japanese garden that is there. Gorgeous. I so wish this was my back yard!!

These are really cool glass sculptures that are floating in a lily pond. The Gardens are filled with artwork, both contempory and antique. There is an angel that I thought I took a picture of (can't find it yet) from the Worlds Fair here in St. Louis.

and then here's me an hubby squinting into the sun and taking a pic of ourselves LOL! The perfect end to a perfect weekend.

I didn't list anything on ebay yesterday, really I forgot it was even Monday LOL which is a nice change of pace for me! But I do have a new piece that will be listed tonight on ebay. More Halloween :O))

More Halloween coming soon!!!!! Muuuuaaaahhhh!


Micki said...

beautiful gardens it looks gorgeous there!

You can still sign up for the Suzi blu class if you really want to? it's not closed yet ;) it's only $15 too, I can't wait to get painting!!

Michele Lynch Art said...

Oh Micki I might just have to do it!! I'm going to check it out. My only drawback is TIME! But I think it would be loads of fun!! xo

Cris said...

I love the new Halloween piece! Isn't the Botanical Garden fun! I love that place! It is beautiful~~I love about 35 minutes from it.

Michele Lynch Art said...

Oh Chris you are so lucky! I know the pictures that I posted are just the tip of the iceburg...I wish everyone could visit it. We are so lucky that St. Louis has such a beautiful place! Also the butterfly house, the fox theater, faust park, the jewel box, the art museum...boy I could go on and on LOL! Did you get a chance to go to the Japanese Festival? Very cool. xo

Micki said...

*yay* come and join the fun!!

luthien said...

wow!! lovely images of the garden and awwww... the picture of you and hubs is sooooo sweet!! :)) oh gosh!!! i really love that halloween pendant! it's soooo cool!!!

Michele Lynch Art said...

Micki I was checking it out and there's another one that has the poems in it that would be loads of fun too!! I just think she's a doll!

Thank you so much Luthien!! xo

Anonymous said...

Wow what a wonderful garden and lovely time you had!! It's just beautiful! Love the photo of you two as well! ;-)

I love your new Halloween creation, too cute!!