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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Steampunk Spider Princess

Spider Princess will be available on ebay tonight. Don'tcha just love her little skull crown?? lol! Don't worry to be ruler of the land of spiders she doesn't have to grow up and marry a spiderman...LOL sorry couldn't resist! She can rule the whole spider kingdom by herself and with 4 of her legs tied behind her back ;o) Although she wouldn't mind that Johnny Depp spider moving into her web! Have a great night everyone! xo Michele


Coastal Sisters said...

She is SO lovely! The little face is just so sweet.


priti.lisa said...

Lol, Michele, you crack me up. I love these new pieces, especially the witch, I love the wings and how they are the same, yet different.
Shine on, Lisa

Michele Lynch Art said...

Thank you Lulu! She almost looks sad or melancholy to me? Thank you Lisa!! Miss Witch is on her way to Norway now ;o) xo

mermaiden said...

i keep having spiders in my path these days, so this post is a pleasant addition! she's gorgeous :D

luthien said...

michele! you're crazy!! lol!!! another absolutely adorable piece ... wherever do you get your creative juices from??

hey! i just thought of something! this week is eco week at IA... you know ALL the jewelry you do can actually satisfy this category?? you are recycling and reusing aren't you?? that's so cool!!

Micki said...

The spider is fantastic and the crown is just too cute for words!!

Micki x

Michele Lynch Art said...

Thank you Luthien & Micki!! Yup Luthien you are right!! Now I just gotta figure out where to go and who to give it to LOL...I can never figure all that stuff out! xo

luthien said...

hey michele :)
no need to figure out :) it's yours truly :) dun even have to come to me. just submit it on your blog and leave a message at IA blog saying you did. i'll come collect it on sunday :))

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hi Michele! You are extremely talented! I love your accessorized imagination. Your steampunk art is out of this world! Thanks so much for your sweet visit!

Lisa :)