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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

No Bones About It

Meet the flying skelly guy ;o) I had some challenges creating this one, but in the end I think he worked out! He's 9 1/2" tall x 7" x 3". He has screws at his jaws, a vintage enameled watch face, tiny skelly charm, 2 swarovski crystal elements on his hat and a found metal curly thingy :o) I'm putting him in on ebay for Thursday night at 8 pm central time :o) He's a Halloween party-er if I ever saw one ;o)

I still have three more pieces that are sculpted and ready to paint ;o) I keep saying I'm going to take a day off and enjoy this weather, but I haven't! Today is the last day, before we dip back down to our normal 40-50's so I'm off to enjoy! xo Michele


Dawn in the Forest said...

He's fantastic!
The weather here has been soooo nice! I haven't sculpted, painted or sanded all week lol. I can't wait to see the other three your working on:)

Luthien said...

hahaha :) he's so cute! i like his stick arms and legs gives his such a wonderful character and that thing he's standing is way cool!!

Michele Lynch Art said...

Thank you Dawn! Oh I'm so envious that you've been enjoying the wonderful weather! It's back to chilly and rainy again :oP

Thank you Luthien! It's always a challenge for me to make them look like the drawing I've done ;o)

xo Michele

Georgina said...

Very cute, Michele...he is one heck of a par-te character. It's cooled down here too, thankfully!! Was in the 80's last week, making our house a searing mid-70's indoors. My studio gets the afternoon sun and I have big friggin' windows in there, so I had to work fast with my paper clay!! LOL

Have a great weekend and just think how blissfully or blistery warm it will be soon, so enjoy the cool now!! LOL


Michele Lynch Art said...

Thank you Georgina! Oh gosh yeah, on the heat with the paper clay! True enough that the heat will be here soon enough ;o) xo Michele