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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Catch Up

Okay I'm going to try to play catch up here! Things slowed down for me for a bit because first I got sick with pneumonia and then pleurisy--not a fun time there! But what happened was they saw some "nodules" as they call them on my xrays so now I've spent since the end of June having more xrays, a cat scan and now next week a Pet scan. I'm still thinking it's nothing but it's enough to scare me into not smoking! So now I've become the doughnut queen. Hmmm...we'll have to have a discussion about favorite doughnuts LOL!

So anyway, then I left to go on vacation at the end of July until this past weekend. We were in Panama City Florida this year which was nice, I do have to confess that Destin is still my favorite though. The picture of the hammerhead shark was taken from the 6th floor balcony of the condo we rented for the time we were there...I thought it was a kids floatie for a minute LOL! Uh nope, that's the real deal...right up by the shore! The other pics are of my husband and me and then one of my kids. It looks like Zach the younger one is crying in the picture, lol, but he's actually just laughing that hard!

I listed a couple of pendants on ebay yesterday, and there are several more that I'll be listing tonight. I also have several paintings that will be listed here soon! Woo Hooo I'm back on a roll! Email anytime, you know I love hearing from you all! xo Michele

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