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Friday, August 29, 2008

Where Did Summer Go?

Okay so this is a really big weekend right? Well never for my family lol. But lots of people load up the boat or camper and take off for the weekend! We're going to stay around the homestead, maybe go to the Pool, and visit Grants Farm which is always a fun. This weekend always makes me sad, because it's the last weekend for the pools to be open and to me that signifys that summer is coming to an end. I am sooo not a winter person! I love fall, but then couldn't we just skip straight to spring? I mean I wouldn't object, really, I wouldn't. Maybe it's time I consider moving to a state that stays warmer all year! Anyway I hope you all stay safe this weekend whatever your plans are!

Yesterday I listed a sweet little new mermaid painting on ebay she's 5 x 5 with extra thick gallery sides so she can hang or sit on a shelf. Titled "Cherish". Hope you all like her! xo Michele

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