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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Etsy Update!

Oops! I totally forgot that yesterday was Monday! Hope you all had a wonderful 3 day weekend! I spent it working around here. We finally got the kitchen painted! So now except for new lighting and painting the ceiling it's done!! Wooo Hoooo! We also spent the weekend shoveling 10 cubic yards of dirt to fill a hole where we took out a pool. I hurt in spots that I didn't know could hurt! The other thing I got done was to update my etsy shop!! FINALLY!!! Let's here another Wooo Hooo!!! So if you get a chance take a peek:
http://michelelynchart.etsy.com Flower Fran is one of the items you'll find on there!! Those of you who have been with me forever, know I used to do paper mache figures and I love it! I can't stay in one medium and I have to say I've finally decided to listen to my heart and create what I need to create and not try to follow some silly rules. So I will be listing more paper mache again soon. I created Flower Fran in 2004 and she has lived with me ever since, she is the only piece I ever kept and she makes me smile every day! But I've decided it's time for her to share her grin with someone new, so I listed her on etsy. Hope someone will give her a new home with lots of love! New fused glass pendants will be listed tomorrow in my ebay store. Wooo hoooo!!!


Rags said...

Good to see you following your heart again...took ya long enough. And while Scotland aint any warmer than your current home it does have me and fish suppers lol.

Luvs Ya

Michele Lynch Art said...

woooo hooo I'm heading to Scotland!!