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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Okay I don't know what my deal is with Mondays, but it must not be the day for me to blog!! I spent the weekend finishing up painting my son's old room, and organizing the new studio. I doubt it will ever be that clean again! It's so organized I can't remember where I put everything! Seriously, it is such a wonderful feeling to enter the room that is bright and fresh and everything has a place, no more digging trying to find that scrapbook paper that I just had out! I feel much more creative in that space! I've been working on lots of the fused glass pendants with witches, skellies, pumkin heads, and ghosts. Gotta love Halloween! Also I'm working on some mixed media type of pins. Hopefully I'll have a picture to post soon. Also more mixed media paintings! You can see all the glass pendants here: http://stores.ebay.com/michele-lynch-art I'll post a picture of the studio so far. The ceramic masks that are one the wall were made by my sons at school (10 years apart lol). Notice the ancient video camera? Yup I filmed another glass pendant video now I just have to edit and upload and all that jazz. I'm hoping to get it done soon! xo Michele

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