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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

New Pendants!

Okay I'm not sure what happened to Monday, I just totally spaced and forgot to post! I've been trying to post monday, wednesday and friday. Well it was a boring monday anyway lol. I did get the paper mache doll bust on ebay though, along with listing some notecards. I'll try to get some more notecards up soon. I also was able to get 3 new pendants listed tonight and I have 3 more for tomorrow night! Wooo Hoooo! The pendants I listed tonight are a witch with her friends mr JOL and kitty. They've blown past Mr. Moon and scared him! who knew? I also did a Frida Kahlo pendant with her day of the dead earrings on! and last but not least I did a folk art girl with sunflowers! If you get a chance take a peek at them!

The weather is so much cooler here already, fall is in the air no doubt about it. The evenings here are just beautiful sitting on the deck with the cool air watching the sun disappear behind the horizon. My kind of boring monday lol!


Rags said...

Looks like you forgot Friday too....silly billy lol

Michele Lynch Art said...

yuppers! I gotta get on a schedule here LOL! I always think I'll do it later when things settle down LOL yeah right! xo