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Monday, November 2, 2009

French Bee, Rob Thomas & Thriller??

I have to start off by saying the I had the most fabulous time at the Rob Thomas concert at the Fox theater in St. Louis on Halloween!! The best. Most of you who follow the blog know my all time favorite band is Matchbox 20. I love Rob's voice and song writing! If you don't live in St. Louis and have never visited the Fox Theater it's one of the most beautiful theaters around. Built in 1929 it was reportedly the second largest theater in the United States.

The ornate interier is like nothing I have ever seen. After years of being closed the Fox theater was restored for 3 million dollars in 1982 it reopened as splendid as ever.

All of these photos curtosy of www.fabulousfox.com
You can find more photos under history at that link also!

Now on to the Rob Thomas concert! First I need to digress just a bit. To the girls that were on the mezzanine balcony that do not understand the meaning of rude...YES talking the whole time someone is playing music even if they are not the lead band is annoying. YES standing up in front of people that paid good money to sit is rude. YES texting through the whole concert is annoying and rude! YES running back and forth back and forth to the lobby during the show is RUDE! So the guy that yelled at you to sit down and you acted so shocked, believe it or not had a right to tell you to sit down! The world is not all about you princess. Okay...I feel so much better. They were not in front of us, actually next to us and it still surprises me how rude some people can be. Not caring for anyone but them selves...Okay really I'm letting it go lol. Rob Thomas opened his show in a Michael Jackson halloween costume singing thriller!!

Thank you to FairiesRreal91 for posting your video on you tube!

Yesterday I decided to watch "The Dutchess" a movie th
at for some reason I bought a while back and have never watched. I really enjoyed the movie and was reminded again how far us women have come. I really think she should have junk punched the husband like in What Happens in Vegas and said You KNOW why! LOL....okay getting off track again...so the movie inspired another Bee Paris Pendant...enjoy! Available on ebay tonight.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! xo Michele


mermaiden said...

lovelovelove bees!

i am always embarrassing my husband at shows because i have no qualms about telling the ignoramuses such as you described to shut the hell up :d

Coastal Sisters said...

I love Rob Thomas too....his voice is just amazing.

lol Michele, I had to laugh at "junk punched"...I almost spit my coffee all over my screen *snort*


p.s. I am lol @ what Julie said in her comment! You girls have the right idea about shutting peeps up! *giggle*

Michele Lynch Art said...

They were just immature little brats, craving attention for some reason. But I tried not to let them ruin the show for me and hubby :o)

LOL Lulu you need to watch the movie What Happens in Vegas. With Cameron Diaz & Ashton Kutcher (sorry I might not have spelled their names right). So cute and funny! That's where the junk punch came from lol! xo

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Oh what a beautiful theater! The video was fun to watch and those girls.......grrrrr! That is my pet peeve. I've paid good money before to have good seats only to have to stand as if it were general admission tickets because the people in front are standing, jumping, spilling drinks, etc.
Annoying for sure! I paid to see the act, not their behinds in my face :(

Michele Lynch Art said...

Right Darla! and the way this theater is set up there is not a lot of room to stand when you are in the seats. We were on the front row of the balcony so we had extra room so that they could stand which was just inconsiderate to the people behind them. And I get it if you are on the floor or somewhere like that or outdoors etc...but in the type of venue we were in it was just rude.

Julie-ann Bowden said...

Awesome theatre, give uk a run for it's money, totally! Loved the beautiful hallway. Every where looks over powering but in a nice way.
So pleased you had such a great time!

Mana Moon Studios said...

Wow that theater is amazing!! I've been to alot of theaters in LA and NYC but this is outstanding!!

So happy to hear you had a wonderful time (despite the idiots) and what a fabulous way to begin the concert, wow!!♥

Sugar and Spice Art Confections said...

I ADORE your pins! How wonderfully whimsical! By the way, I was once at a college ballet performance, so semi-pro, and had a woman behind me who kept opening suckers for her 3 year old AND BREASTFEEDING during the performance! Right there in her seat. Needless to say, the Nutcracker is not enhanced by suckling noise! I feel your pain!