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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dinner Time!

I'm going to keep this short and sweet, cuz I'm right here at dinner time again! I'm still catching up but SERIOUSLY I'm going to add some things to etsy here soon! Tonight I have two new things for ebay! One is a really cool ring! Beetle Queen! I think she might still have that grunge, rocker edge to her?

Next is a vintage enameled peacock, with a vintage shoe clip also in the mixture!

Sorry I can't add much more than my tummy is grumbly (spoken by Pooh). Have a great night everyone! xo Michele


sandra mucciardi said...

oh wow! love the beetle queen!!!

luthien said...

oooo!!! the peacock looks so totally elegant!! :) you know for a moment i thought it looked like a goldfish becos of the tail! but that's the thing that's making it so pretty :))

Michele Lynch Art said...

Thank you Sandra & Luthien!! xo Michele

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous work as always Michele!! Your postings always filled with such delicious eye candy and I've no doubt they fly out of your shop like hotcakes!!♥