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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Premio Meme Award!

Thank you so much Suzi from Art With A touch of Whimsy who gave my blog the Premio Meme Award

I am honored! I'm suppose to share 7 facts about myself and then pass on the award to 7 others.
7 Facts about myself:
1. I love going to see local bands with my husband on Saturday nights
2. I would love to move to Florida, I hate the cold winters here
3. I'm addicted to Reeses Pieces since I quit smoking
4. I'm attracted to all the vintage sparkling things
5. My favorite childhood story is Alice in Wonderland and I'm so psyched about the Tim Burton version coming out!! But Of course Johnny Depp as the mad hatter doesn't hurt anything right??
6. I love books
7. I spend every Friday morning with my two sons at Ihop (when school is in, I only get to take the 21 year old).

The 7 that I would like to pass this award on to are:

1.Pimp & Paint
2.Hot Tamale Art Studio
3.Haute Whimsy
4.The Holiday Queen
5.Whimsical World Of Fairies
6.The Art Hermit
7.Frums Glass Menagerie

Oh and yes I did list a few more items on ebay last night.


Micki said...

Congratulations on the award and thank you tons for passing it on to me, you are far too kind ;)

Micki x

luthien said...

oh michele! you're so sweet :) came to congratulate you on the award and what do i see?? hihihi!!! thanks for passing this on to me :)) it was really nice to read a little more about you :) oh yea! can't wait for the movie too ... you know i'm a fantasy freak! :)) love your pendants especially the 2nd one :)

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Your jewelry is gorgeous! And congrats on the award :)

Mana Moon Studios said...

Hi Michele, Found you through Luthien's blog and what a treat!! Your work is fabulous!! Do you sell through Etsy as well? I think you'd do quite well there.
All the best~Sharon

EhKho said...

Congratulations! Oh and I happened upon this and thought you'd like it http://designyoutrust.com/2009/07/12/steampunk-mechanical-cheetah/

Michele Lynch Art said...

Thank you K and Sharon! and it's good to see you here Sharon!! Glad you came over :o) Love Luthien! I'm going to start my shop back up on etsy :o) It's http://michelelynchart.etsy.com
Thanks Irene! OMG LOVE the cheetah!!! too cool! Thanks for sharing that!! xo

Mana Moon Studios said...

Thanks so much for the link to your shop Michele, I've added it my favs! Looking forward to seeing what other gorgeous designs you list!

Designer Junk Finder said...

Very creative and totally unique jewelry.Thanks for stopping by to say "hi".