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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wine Rockin Weekend

Hope everyone made it through the weekend unscathed! I'm not so sure on my account LOL! I don't think I have drank that much wine...in...well lets just say EVER!! The hills of Missouri where the wineries are located are gorgeous! Here is a view from the winery Montelle that we were at:

I forgot my camera so this photo is from Mo.gov In the fall when the trees are changing Missouri is a gorgeous state to drive up and down, twisting through the back roads, stopping to sip some wine at one of the vineyards.
We also went to see Def Leopard, Poison and Cheap Trick at the Verizon ampitheater last night! No cameras were allowed but I'm sure there's pics floating around out there..I saw the flashes...you know who you are...LOL! It was another awesome time! Rock on!

So anyway, now you know why I was unable to post last night ;o)
Here's what I managed to get done for ebay for tonight though:

One starts right at 8 central and the other at 8:05 so that they don't both end at the same time. Have a great night everyone...I'm flying out the door for Buffalo Wild Wings 50 cent wing night lol! xo Michele


Anonymous said...

Oh Michele, your work is SO beautiful, I just love it!! I'm so happy to hear you had such a fabulous weekend! What a beautiful area you live in and one I've never had the pleasure of visiting so you've prompted us to put it on our "must visit" list - thanks!♥

Micki said...

Lots of wine and some Poision, now there's a combination my friend (who we like to call 'glam Paul')would love!
I've not been to see Poison in concert since I saw them at Monsters of rock in Donington quite a few years ago lol
I got my denim jacket signed by them in nottingham when I was 14, but thats another story ;)

Micki x

luthien said...

LOL!!! looks like you have been inspired by the bands :)) your latest creations sure looks kinda rockish :))) (they are rock bands right???)

Michele Lynch Art said...

Thank you Sharon! All you have to do is google missouri wineries when you guys are ready for your trip and it will pull them up from all over the state depending on which way you are heading. It is just so pretty in the fall if you can make it then.

LOL Micki! I can see you getting that jacket signed when you are 14 and I'll bet you had mall bangs then too right??? LOL! Brett Michaels is popular again since his cable show Rock of Love. I heard it was good I just haven't had a chance to watch it. I thought they put on a fabulous show this weekend! But they have always been one of my favorite 80's bands!

Oh Luthien I went back and looked and especially the last pendant I did lol you are right! Yup they are rock bands from the 1980's I guess I would say. xo Michele