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Saturday, July 25, 2009

I think I've become the mad hatter!

The last post I put a teaser to the new Tim Burton version of Alice In Wonderland, which shows Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter (yum yum) this is what I think I have become totally mad!

Yesterday I was in a huge hurry because I needed to be at the hospital by 9 am for a ct scan on my chest (those of you who have been around awhile will remember that there was a lung cancer scare last year when they found scar tissue on my lung but of couse we didn't know that for months! so anyway they wanted to do a follow up a year later just to make sure nothing has changed. Okay now that you are all caught up with the story I'll go on lol) so I'm racing down the side road to the hospital, I get there at 9 on the dot which is no small feat, I sign in and wait to be registered. The young lady comes over and takes me to her cubical type of spot and has me answer all of the questions which she types into the computer. I give her the paper work that the doctor has mailed to me and she is very pleased that I have doctors orders. She get me all registered and then sends me down to radiology, when I sign in again and give her the other 2 copies of the docotors orders. I am told to have a seat in their waiting room now. After a few minutes the woman who checked me in calls out my name. I feel like I've won the lottery! Wooo Hoooo! Yay! That's Me!!! I'm going to get right in and right out of here and can get back on with the million other things I have going on!!! So I jump up and say yes! She says, Michele? I'm walking toward here...let's get this show on the road! Then she says, "Did you realize you are a month early?" WHAT??!!! That can't be!! I dig out my paper work and look at the date...No it says right here the 24th!! She says yes, dear the 24th of August! 8-24-09!!!!! ROFL!!! Yup I've totally lost my mind at this point!

I even said to you Luthien that I didn't know if my blog would be ready in time for the party! That's because I was thinking it was TODAY! I mean my dates are just really messed up at this point lol! Sheesh!! So I should be able to join the party NEXT Saturday!! YAY!!

Okay now for the good news! I managed in my madness to get two new items in my etsy store. I know that's not much lol! But it's a start right?? I have one more that I'll list tomorrow. Here are the two that are there now:

I'm going to try and catch up on some house cleaning today. We have also had a bathroom disaster where it's leaking water...we think from under the wax seal. That's not the bad part. The bad part is it's the 2nd floor bathroom so it leaked on the ceiling and the water was oozing out of the grout and one of the ceramic tiles cracked...are you beginning to see why I've become the mad hatter??? LOL Have a great Saturday everyone!! xo Michele


Micki said...

LOL you sound like me at the moment, my head is all over the place, since getting back off holiday, being mid decorating 2 rooms in the house and with the kids being at home my head is crazy crazy!!

Good luck for your appointment in a months time(just in case I don't get round to saying it nearer the time)

Micki x

Michele Lynch Art said...

LOL Micki!!! The funny thing is they squeezed me in!!! Now all I have to do is go to the doc next month to have him tell me what's on the ct scan :o))) I'm sure all is fine :o) Thank you for your well wishes though! xo

luthien said...

lol!!! hahahahaha!!! i was thinking of the same thing when you mentioned that you might not make it for the blog party this weekend ... i was going to tell you but forgot myself!! lol!! good that you're back on the right track of time now :)

Inspiration Avenue said...

Thanks so much for joining in our blog party! Can't wait to return on the big day to see what inspires you most!♥

Melissa the Holiday Queen said...

These pieces are FABULOUS!