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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Steampunk Goodness In Every Bite

Okay first where did everyone go??? LOL I feel like I moved into this new studio and everyone disappeared??? Hello? Hello? Is any body out there?...Okay before I start to sing lemme say that I am trying to get into the groove again...moving the studio forced miss muse into hiding. I have the next painting started and I'm hoping to get her finished soon..maybe by tomorrow?? So anyway, here is the steampunk-ness for tonight on ebay 3 new pieces!

Enjoy! xo Michele


Jenn said...

you moved? i must have missed somthing.. love your steampunkness :-)

Michele Lynch Art said...

Thanks Jenn!! Oh I just moved the studio, because my son moved back home ;o) So I had to give up his old room! xo

luthien said...

hihihi!! still here! you moved to a bigger room? or a new place? as always ... i love you steampunk jewelry esp the one with the little angel wings. it's so totally cute and hilarious :) BIG face little limbs :))

Michele Lynch Art said...

Thank you Luthien! I moved to a smaller room :oP My oldest son moved back home and I had taken over his larger room when he moved out, so I gave it back up ;o) LOL I love the big head small limbs...When I was a kid we had these tiny dolls called Kiddles and they came in this plastic pretend perfume bottles.they were just about 4 inches I guess...I loved those little dolls!! Still have some of them along with my barbies in the basement! xo Michele