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Monday, May 18, 2009

Award & New Pendants!

We had a beautiful weekend here after the nasty storm came through Friday night! Hope everyone stayed safe and dry and got some beautiful weather, where ever you are! I just found out from Debbie that us Tglas girls swept the Nibblefest constest! I had no idea!! Wooo Hoooo! I won 3rd place from my Alice:

Congratulations to the other wonderful artists, Debbie Merhege, Magenta Rivers, and Jenn Emory! How exciting is that?!
I'm finally getting back in the groove but it's been all found object assemblage steampunk kinda stuff...My muse is working overtime where that all is concerned! I'm listing 3 new pieces on ebay
tonight at 8 pm. The rooster queen is now in my all time favorites!!

I've also decided to try Etsy again! I'm going to be listing alot there this coming month. I listed a couple pair of steampunk earrings there today and this deer pin. She is the sweetest thing! Very urban chic!!
She is a full necklace, not just the pendant and available at http://michelelynchart.etsy.com Oh and have I mentioned that since I quit smoking that I'm now addicted to Reese's Pieces? LOL! Okay I think that's it! Have a great night everyone! Back to work I go! xo Michele


luthien said...

wow!! congratulations michele :))) your new pendants are beautiful! i esp love the little deer :) she has such an endearing face :)

Michele Lynch Art said...

Thank you Luthien! I think she does too! xo Michele

K said...

Bravo!! Congrats! Your work is so beautiful and very unique...so deserving of recognition! i also love the little deer - very cool

Michele Lynch Art said...

Thank you so much K!! Here I thought the rooster would be the favorite and it looks like it's the deer lol! xo Michele

Rags said...

congrats hun

mystele said...

you go, michele!!! love the new pendants!

Michele Lynch Art said...

Thank you so much Rags & Mystele!! xo

bludawgdesigns said...

Congratulations Michele! You are a fantastic artist. I love the rooster girl!


Michele Lynch Art said...

Thank you so much Debbie! You know I love your artwork too! xo