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Friday, January 14, 2011

Steampunk Art Doll Tanya Sweets

Wooo Hooo I finished Tanya Sweets (you peeps notice I've had a thing for candy, sweets, wine?? LOL). Anyway, meet Tanya Sweets, her friends all call her Sweets. She can't help she's addicted to all that sticky goodness! Lucky for her both arms open almost anything!

Tanya is bigger than the other steampunk souls that I have been creating. She is a little over 13" tall. Her right arm is a vintage skeleton key, her right arm is a vintage can opener. Her right eye is a vintage watch face, a couple of brass gears and a red latch that I found. On her forehead are two vintage watch parts and a brass gear. Around her neck is a bolt and then a metal tag that says 88. Her clothes are hand stitched and not removable. I cheated and painted on her corset lol. The ribbon on her hat and around her waist has red and white candy pieces on it. Her little hat (also not removable) is made from a cork (Yup another bottle of delicious red wine ;o)) ribbon, feathers and a metal tack. Hmmm...I think that covers her ;o))

Hope everyone has a good weekend! xo Michele


Dawn in the Forest said...

With arms like that "Sweets" will be able to get into all kinds of goodies:)She's awesome! Do you make your doll eyes?? I've been thinking of attempting to make some.

Michele Lynch Art said...

Thank you Dawn :o) Nope I don't make the eyes, I went back and forth on it when I started making them. I have glass here and thought of making some...lemme know if you do some I wanna see!! xoxo

Astridbears said...

so a sweet doll!!
have a wonderful weekend

Kelly Jeanette said...

Oh, she is a beaut, Michele! I can so totally relate. I love candy too, but as a diabetic I'm not allowed.:(
Glad to see you trying your hand at larger dolls. (are we working up to maybe a life size?)

Michele Lynch Art said...

Thank you Astrid and Kelly! Oh you have to get sugar free candy :o)) LOl on the life size, not sure I'll go that far ;o) xo