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Friday, January 7, 2011

steampunk Soul Mounted Head Franki and Clean Studio!

Meet Franki, yes she knows she's a girl, but Franki is better than Francesca which is her birth name. Franki hates to be called Francesca, or at least she used to. Before she was dead. Now the poor dear hangs in the hall of the Soul Sucker along side Amanda.

Franki is on a 5 x 7 wooden plaque. She is hand sculpted out of paper clay over an armature and yes she is very secure on the plaque ;o) She is available in my Etsy shop tonight.

So today was a better day for me :o) I got in the studio early and started to clean, big fluffy white puffs of snow started falling outside. I'm not a great photographer but I hope you can see them:
Remember the worktable mess I posted a few days ago? The whole room was a mess, not just this little space on the table. It was overwhelming it was such a mess:
The thing that took me the longest was you couldn't see the depth of little tiny watch pieces, chains, gizzmos etc that were on the work space and I had to organize and sort through all of that stuff. But it was worth it!! I now have more than 2 inches of space to work and look at all that room for my Diet Coke lol. I cleaned the whole studio! I won't bore you with all the pics but I wanted to show you proof lol, look even the shelves are clean!!!
Dawn, if you are reading this, I'm waiting to see pics of your clean studio LOL!!By the time I finished everything up it was snowing like a blizzard! Those big fluffy puffs of snow were now coming down hard and fast!
We didn't get any accumulation to speak of but it sure was pretty coming down! So now I sit in my clean studio and don't want to mess it up lol. Wonder how long it will stay this way?? 1 week? 2 weeks? I give it a month LOL. Have a good weekend everyone! Catch you on the flip side! xo Michele


Kelly Jeanette said...

Love Franki! Poor dear, mounted on Soul Sucker's wall.
Your table looked lime mine does now, only I have tiny bits of paper and jewelry pieces hiding under everything else. Last time I clean though I could not find anything when I wanted it and the table was a mess a week later.:)
Have a great weekend, Michele.

Micki said...

Wow you did an awesome job of cleaning up in the studio!!

I love Franki too, I love them all lol ;)

Micki x

luthien said...

wow!! well done on both accounts!!! Franki and a clean space! i'll show my space in the next post :) ... uncleaned HAHAHA!!!

Barbara Lewis said...

Wow! Whatever you took to get that studio clean, I want some ... I need it now. I'm at the point of pushing things aside just to get an 8" square of working space!

Michele Lynch Art said...

Thank you on Franki, Kelly! I really like her too! Yup, that's what took me so long was sorting through all those bits of jewelery, and watch pieces that were a couple of inches thick on the table lol. I sorted them pretty good in some tackle box containers and then also for some of the pieces that I only had one or two of I put them in some of the bowl on my table. I hope it works! I'm sure it won't take mine long to get messed up either!

Thank you Micki!! :o))

Thank you Luthien!! Can't wait to see your space lol!!! It's so good to know we are not alone, right??!!

LOL I totally understand Barbara!! I'm not sure what inspired the cleaning. My husband came into the room faking a heart attack and then asked me if I was feeling okay? LOL! xo Michele

Cris said...

Wow Frankie is so cool--I love the rhinestone eye! Your clean studio! Yippee! My college aged daughter (http://laurabeth89.blogspot.com) cleans mine for me every once in a while, since we sort of share our art space. My mess usually spreads over to the kitchen table when I need more room, ha ha! I can't imagine sorting all those little gizmos you use- I have enough trouble keeping track of my brushes~

Michele Lynch Art said...

Thanks Chris! Lol on keeping track of your brushes!! xo Michele

Dawn in the Forest said...

Wow! You did it:) I've been kinda working on cleaning up (not really), but your space looks great!

Michele Lynch Art said...

LOL Dawn!!! Naughty girl!! Tis okay though, it just gets messy again lol! xo Michele

missysue said...

My studio looks a bit like your "before" pic, lol! Love your work!

love + luck + bliss,

Michele Lynch Art said...

Thank you missysue! I'm sure mine will look like my before pic again real soon ;o) xo Michele