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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Steampunk Soul Mounted Head Amanada & Hell

Yesterday I promised you more about the mounted heads, meet Amanda. Poor Amanda died in battle against the Soul Sucker and his army and the Soul Sucker drug her body back to the castle and mounted her head! It now hangs in the front hall of the Castle of Corporation as a warning to all.

Amanda's wooden plaque is 4 x 4". Her right eye is a vintage watch piece and of course she's sculpted over an armature and hand painted. She's available in my Etsy shop :o)

Okay so now let me tell you about the day I have had...it all started out with Flickr, I wanted to finally put some things in my flickr account and put one of those nifty little bages on my blog. After about an hour of searching for how to make the damn badge, Ginny was kind enough to help a sister out and sent me a link. Wooo Hooo! So I generate it, and go to add it to blogger...here's where more trouble starts. I add it to the generate html little area, and for some reason it puts 3 of them on my blog...okay so I check them yup same thing so I delete the other 2 only in this process I now delete the background html code!!! You know that OH S&*t! moment???and of course there is no undo button. So...I went back to the background place (notice the button in the top left hand corner of my blog if you are looking for some cool free backgrounds) and I picked another background, well now blogger no longer has the 3 column minima or if they do I can't find the damn thing! I have links that have disappeared, things are rearranged, the colors of the text are strange colors....well you get the idea, at this point I'm in html blogger code hell.

So instead of cleaning up the mess I showed you yesterday, or working on the other mounted head Steampunk Soul I worked on getting my blog back together...What do you guys think? You like the new look? I wasn't sure at first. My oldest, Brandon, said he thought it looked better. Any thoughts? And let me just say that when I finally finished with this and went to use my drill it was not working...I think I should just go get a glass of wine and say fugetabout it! See how much happier I look?? Hope the rest of you are having a fantabulous night! I'm off to drink that wine and eat pizza! xo


Dawn in the Forest said...

She's awesome! Amanda is my first name, so I think she might be my favorite right now:)

Kelly Jeanette said...

Poor Amanda. She will be avenged, I'm sure.
Sorry to hear all your blog problems. I know I get fustrated sometimes trying to work on mine. Luckily I have a live in geek to roll his eyes and rescue me from
cyber meltdown.
My day wasn't much better. I'll post about it on blog.

Michele Lynch Art said...

There you go Dawn!! :O)))

Right Kelly she will be avenged ;o) Another poor little mounted head is on her way tomorrow. OOOOh lucky you to have a live in geek!! My son helps on social networking but he's not much for html code. I was in frustration mode and trying to hurry, not a good combo! Aw, I'm sorry to hear you had a bad day too! xo Michele

Micki said...

You see this is what happens when you disappear for a while and miss out on all the changes in blogland ;)

It was a nightmare when blogger changed all the codes and minima didn't exist anymore, it took me ages to get it all sorted again!!

I found this site was the most helpful with all the changes, you may have to search through it to find the relevant info though?



Micki x

Michele Lynch Art said...

LOL Micki!!!! It's funny because I was thinking about that yesterday!!! You are so right LOL!!! Ohhhhh thank you for the link!! and where were you yesterday morning with this link, when I was in hell??? LOL!!! Why must companies fix things that are not broken?? They should have left it alone!! xo

Georgina said...

Oh Michele, I just had to laugh!! I like your latter suggestion...the glass of wine and just do a Scarlett O'Hara..."Tomorrow is another day!" LOL

Have a great weekend!!

Michele Lynch Art said...

LOL Georgina believe me, I was laughing hysterically by the time it was all over! Good thing no one heard me or they might have come with one of those white jackets! Love Scarlett LOL...and today is a better day :O) Studio is almost CLEAN! Gonna post a pic later...Dawn if you see this....I'm expecting to see that clean studio of yours...muuuuuaaaahhhhh! xo Michele